Clinical Research Associate Job Description and Its Requirements

A clinical research associate (CRA) is a person who is tasked to coordinate & oversee the execution of study as well as clinical trial. He or she has responsibilities from recruitment, data collection, & quality assurance audits. Usually working for a clinical contract agency, hospital research department, or pharmaceutical company, here is the detailed clinical research associate job description.

Clinical Research Associate Job Description Template

A bachelor’s degree in a related health science concentration like nursing is the main requirement for this job position. Besides this requirement, a candidate with working experience in a clinical environment will usually be prioritized.

To be a successful CRA, the candidates must have good analytical thinking skills, great attention to details, and also many organization skills. All the candidates also need to understand about the job description well. So, let’s see the following job description template.

Clinical Research Associate Responsibilities

We are inviting everyone to join our company as a clinical research associate. However, the following responsibilities must be understood and followed well:

  • Recruiting & enrolling participants of study
  • Inputting data of clinical research into systems of electronic data
  • Coordinating visits & procedures of patients related to research
  • Acting as study participant resource by answering questions & explaining the related procedures
  • Ensuring that the study is compliant with local & federal regulations and laws
  • Monitoring sites and activities of study to ensure that the appropriate industry terms & protocols of the study are followed
  • Overseeing the hiring & training of training of members of staff who work on the study
  • Making fine document of study protocol & update it as required

Clinical Research Associate Requirements

Some qualifications are required for all the candidates who want to apply for this job position. Here they are:

  • Experience in the clinical research
  • Having good analytical & creative thinking skills
  • Great attention to details
  • Ability to keep accurate and detailed records
  • Excellent skills of verbal and written communication
  • Good understanding of procedures & equipment of laboratory
  • Advanced planning and organizational skills
  • Proficiency in Ms. Excel and Ms. Word programs
  • Ability to stand for extended time periods
  • Fluent in English language including writing skills

Clinical Research Associate FAQs

What does a clinical research associate do?

Many tasks and duties become the responsibilities of a clinical research associate. For the main duties, he or she is tasked to coordinate & oversee the execution of study as well as clinical trial. Clinical research associates may have different responsibilities in different agencies.

Can I edit the posted clinical research associate job description here?

Indeed, you can. This job description template is editable so that you can easily add or remove the details of this job description.

Do you have interview questions for a clinical research associate?

Besides the clinical research associate job description, this web also contains some interview question samples you can use in the recruitment of a CRA.


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