Fulfillment Associate Job Description: Find More About The Requirements And Responsibilities Here


Have you heard about the fulfillment associate? They are people who are working in the warehouse. In general, they do warehousing such as lift up heavy objects and stocking order duties. These people have responsibilities in offloading merchandise objects, locating stocks, deciphering work orders, and packing goods for shipment. Check out more about the requirements and duties of the fulfillment associate job description down below!

The Duties of Fulfillment Associate Job Description

Here are some duties of the fulfillment associate job if you might want to know, including:

1. Managing All Things In Warehouse

A professional fulfillment associate usually offloads delivery trucks into the warehouse, arrange incoming deliveries, store the deliveries, and other matters. They also manage the pallet jacks, forklifts, and cherry pickers.

2. Reading Work Orders

It is crucial to deciphering work orders in the warehouse for fulfillment associate job. They also extract and locate some merchandise form the storage or shelves areas. They also confirm the merchandise data that matches with the work orders. The professional employee must inspect and investigate the merchandise or goods that have flaws, damages, or irregularities.

3. Packing The Goods For Delivery

They have to work for transporting the packed goods to the delivery transportations. They also finalize the work order, update the database, and make sure all the safety practices.

What Are The Requirements In The Associate Job Description?

1. Having Great Experience

A proper fulfillment associate job must require someone who at least has a degree from high school, diploma, or GED. They should have excellent knowledge and experience in warehousing procedures. It would be so much better if they have vast experience in fulfillment associate job.

2. Having the Ability To Read Work Orders

A professional fulfillment associate’s job must interpret and read written work orders every day so they must have strong attention to essential and detailed data.

3. Having Ability To Work In Warehouse

They will meet cherry picker and forklift every day so they must have the ability to lift some heavy objects. In other words, they need to have good physical stamina because they have to walk or stand up for more than 8 hours each day.


1. What is a fulfillment associate?

A fulfillment associate is a job that has to be found in the warehouse. They generally do works related to warehousing and stocking order duties.

2. What should the institution do before putting on a fulfillment associate job description?

It would be better if you have a strong understanding of warehouse proper procedures. You have to make sure that all the employees have a good eye in works and the ability to lift some heavy objects in the warehouse. Find the best employee based on quality and safety standards for the company. Those are things that you should consider before putting on a fulfillment associate job.

3. What did the fulfillment associate do in their office?

A professional fulfillment associate generally operates a warehouse such as cherry pickers, forklift, and pallet jacks. This job relates to offload stock deliveries, locate merchandise, process work orders, and pack orders for shipment. In other words, a professional fulfillment associate job description is someone energetic and associate in joining a warehouse team.



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