Graphic Designer Job Description Template and Its Requirements

A graphic designer uses his or her ability to share ideas, inform consumers, & solves problems. A graphic designer is always needed in many industries such as branding, illustration, digital design, advertising, etc. Usually, a graphic designer should have a bachelor’s degree in the related field. Now, we will talk more about it focusing on the graphic designer job description.

Graphic Designer Job Description Template

A graphic designer will always be searched by huge companies. A graphic designer belongs to one of the most vital job positions in a certain company. Of course, there are many tasks and duties to do such as to design advertisement, website, and many more.

To be a good graphic designer, some qualifications must be fulfilled. Different companies may require different qualifications related to education, skills, and others. By meeting the requirements, a company hopes that their graphic designer can help them to achieve the company’s goals.

Graphic Designer Responsibilities

Graphic designer is a strategic position in a certain company but he or she will have many big responsibilities. Even though the responsibilities can be different from one company to other, here are the most common and basic responsibilities to follow:

  • Makes & designs different materials for digital and print collaterals
  • Makes sure that a project is completed excellently based on the schedule
  • Creates creative directions for the company and brand guidelines
  • Prioritizes & manages various projects in design specifications as well as budget restrictions
  • Performs retouching & manipulation of pictures or images
  • Works with different kinds of media and uses related software

Graphic Designer Requirements

It is a good chance to apply for a graphic designer in our company. Anyone is allowed to apply for this job position. However, before you decide to apply for it, make sure that you meet the requirements. Here are the requirements every candidate must have:

  • Bachelor’s degree in communication, design, graphic art, or other relevant fields
  • At least 3-year experience in the same position
  • Knowledge of web, print, typography, graphic fundamental, and layout
  • Familiar with CSS and HTML preferred
  • Knowledge graphic design software such as In Design, Sketch, Illustrator, Adobe PhotoShop, etc
  • Compelling portfolio of work on different kinds of creative projects
  • Great analytical skills
  • Excellent eyes for details

Graphic Designer FAQs

What does a graphic designer do in a creative company?

A graphic designer is believed to make creative designs, decorations, or other relevant tasks. Different creative companies will give different tasks and duties. So, you have to learn what you will do in your company.

Can I edit the posted graphic designer job description?

This document contains the complete job description of a graphic designer including his or her responsibilities and requirements. You can edit it to fit your needs if you want.

Do you have interview questions for a graphic designer?

This web does not only contain the graphic designer job description but also other related info including interview question samples you can use when recruiting a new graphic designer.

Description: Graphic designer job description contains the detailed tasks & duties as well as required qualifications. You can use it to hire a new graphic designer for your creative company.



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