Criminal Investigator Job Description Responsibilities, Requirements, and FAQs

A criminal investigator is a person who takes in hand criminal investigation. Some of the responsibilities are to process scenes of crime, operate in the applicable laws, and initiate preliminary survey, generate initial theories, & keep the ones who are not eliminated by incoming info. In this article, we will focus discussing on the criminal investigator job description.

Criminal Investigator Job Description Template

We are hiring a criminal investigator who will be tasked to study scenes of crimes as well as identify criminal guilt’s. The new criminal investigator will be responsible for collecting evidence, searching, interviewing, interrogating, and applying different methods of investigation.

The successful candidate will employ modern scientific techniques to determine & illuminate the truth about the crime. In this article, we provide a template of job description for a criminal investigator. You can use it to advertise a job vacancy.

Criminal Investigator Responsibilities

There are many tasks and duties a criminal investigator needs to do. Here is the list of detailed and complete responsibilities:

  • Processing scenes of crimes by recognizing seen, documenting scene, and collect evidence
  • Operating in the applicable laws
  • Initiating preliminary survey, generating initial theories & keeping the ones who are not eliminated by incoming info
  • Documenting scenes & gathering potential evidences to send to a crime lab
  • Examining & evaluating evidence for resolving issues and conflicting interpretations
  • Drafting investigative reports in detailed and being prepared to show evidence to the prosecutor
  • Finding that piece of info for crucial break
  • Identifying, apprehending, prosecuting the perpetrators

Criminal Investigator Requirements

To be a professional investigator, the candidates have to meet some requirements. We require the following qualifications for those who want to apply for this position:

  • Experience as a criminal investigator
  • Experience with forensic science and crime scene analysis
  • Proficient in reconstruction events and interpreting evidence
  • Ability to observe details & to produce reports in detailed
  • Knowledge of criminal legislation, rules, and law
  • Familiar with all kinds of evidence and the rules that govern their admissibility
  • Understanding of the process of investigation & the circumstance of each case
  • Good analytical skills for interviewing & interrogation
  • Ethical and honest with high levels of confidentiality and integrity
  • BS degree in criminology, criminal law, forensic science, or other related fields

Criminal Investigator FAQs

What does a criminal investigator do?

Basically, a criminal investigator is tasked to gather evidence, search, interrogate, interview, & apply different methods of investigation. You can see the job description above for the more detailed tasks and duties.

Can I edit the posted criminal investigator job description here?

Yes, you can. Everyone is allowed to download and use this job description template. Besides that, you are also allowed to edit it to fit your needs.

Do you have interview questions for a criminal investigator?

Besides providing the criminal investigator job description, this web also contains a collection of questions that you can use to interview the candidates of criminal investigators.





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