Criminal Profiler Job Description: Getting To Know Its Responsibilities And Requirements



What is a criminal profiler? A criminal profiler is a person in charge of examining evidence at crime scenes. Criminal profilers are also known as criminal investigative analysts. They identify perpetrator’s common traits and behavior and then analyze data from many similar crimes. In the end, they need to draw a profile of the suspects and determine who might be the one who commits the crime. As criminal profilers, they need to meet some requirements as well as knowing their responsibilities. To learn about both of the responsibilities and requirements, this session will show you about the criminal profiler job description.

The Responsibilities Of Criminal Profiler Job Description

Working as a criminal profiler needs to be responsible in some aspects. Since this job will ask you to work in something mysterious and perhaps dangerous, you need to have the knowledge, courage, and a sense of justice. To know the detail more about the responsibilities, here are the things that you need to know in the criminal profiler job description:

Identify The Case

First of all, you need to be able to identify personality traits, patterns of behavior, psychological status, and information about geography and demographics. This identification process will help you to begin with your job.

Use Strategy, Technique, Assessment, And Analysis

Next, you need to be able to use investigative strategy, interview technique, assessments of personality, geographic profiling, and analysis of the crime. Using these aspects will help you to know more about the detail of the crime.

Provide Advice

The criminal profilers work with the police and investigators. Therefore, you need to provide good advice to police and investigators. If needed, you can also give guidance to them.

Do Research

You also need to analyze data about similar crime scenes by conducting research. This will help you to know more about the important parts of the crime scenes. You may find some hidden clues that might be missed.

Join Ongoing Training

You need to join in ongoing training to sharpen your knowledge and develop your abilities in the field. This will help you to get used to the criminal environment.

Conduct In Professional Manner

As a criminal profiler, you must be professional in doing your job and do not try to do as you please without considering your surroundings.

Provide A Testimony

You need to prepare a good testimony when a court trial is required.

The Requirements Of Criminal Profiler Job Description

After knowing the responsibilities of the criminal profilers, you also need to know about the requirements of the criminal profiler job description. The successful applicants should be competent and proven as experienced. Here are the things needed as the requirements:


You must be certified in a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice, Psychology, or any related fields that support the criminal profiler job. A Master Degree or Ph.D. may be preferred under certain circumstances.

Experienced In Investigation And Law Enforcement

You must be experienced in extensive investigation and well-trained in law enforcement.

Good Verbal And Writing Skills

You must be good at both verbal and writing skills.

Possess Some Supportive Skills And Abilities

Analytical and organizational skills are the most important skills you must have. You also need intuition, emotional intelligence, sound investigative ability and ability to control stress. Also, you must have the ability to travel to many places.


What is a criminal profiler job?

A criminal profiler job is a job for a person in charge of investigating crime scenes, analyzing the data of the crime, and creating an offender profile.

What do you need to do to be a criminal profiler?

You need to understand the responsibilities of a criminal profile and also the requirements needed.

What is the difference between criminal profiler and detective?

Both of them have the same responsibilities in many aspects. The big difference is that detective can arrest while criminal profiler cannot.



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