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Successful Hotel Sales Plan With This 6 Essentials Things

Every hotel business holder needs to perform a hotel sales plan that works best for their target market and also for its local goals. Eventually, it is up to the operator or hotel manager to create a customized sales strategy that will drive the most room sales at each property. We need to be strategic in how we think about sales plans for our hotel and here the essentials things you should know to make your sales plan successful.


 6 Essentials Things Successful Hotel Sales Plan

  1. The goal of the revenue

One thing that sometimes hoteliers forget in their hotel sales plan is that they must have a specific income target for their property that considers not only the numbers they want to achieve, but also a number consisting of components housing throughout the year, and average daily rates that are not reached. Not only your base price but also the price negotiated for business on weekdays and weekends.


  1. The competitive analysis

Try to get to know your competition from inside and outside. What is the condition of their products, the rates they charge, strengths and weaknesses, how good their staff and service? After considering these aspects you will be in a good position.


  1. The current account

Make sure you know who lives with you and how much it costs. Cataloged it and know who the decision-makers are for your clients and plan to ensure that you are at the top of every account and every decision-maker in that account. You also need to know the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of your property. It is sometimes shocking how one small problem can leave a gap for one of your competitors.


  1. Highest target accounts

Now you must set which account do you want to steal from your competitive set and how would you do that. Use the progress of your sales plan to find out who your main target account is. Know where they live, how much they pay, and how you intend to get the account. Just like you have a pre-call goal when you make a sales call, you must have a top target account too. Be aware that there are accounts that might not make sense at your hotel so don’t waste your valuable sales time on this.


  1. Make a plan for each target segment.

If one of your goals in your hotel sales plan is to increase business free time, you must have some strategy that will help you do that. If your goal is to increase revenue per available room, then you need to ensure that the pricing tactics and training of your front desk staff and manager are located on the same page. 

Now you can follow these six proven components into your hotel sales plan, track your progress and remember to make your plan a life plan by checking and adjusting it often.

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