HR Manager Job Description and Its Requirements

An HR manager leads the human resources in hiring new employees. It could be said that this position is very essential inside a company. Based on the HR manager job description, the manager of human resources will control the recruitment process. Then, they also should build the best strategies, so recruiting talented resources could be the reached goal.

HR Manager Job Description Template

It could be said that an HR manager will influence the recruitment process. That is why having a talented HR manager for a company is very important. The talented agent will guarantee that their roles could be done maximally, especially about developing the quality of the employees.

Well, to recruit an HR manager, you may need the template of an HR manager job description. This template could be a reference before you make your document based on what you need. On another hand, a template will make the job to make a paper becoming easier because you just need to edit the default information.

For a candidate, to be a good HR manager, they should have strong communication skills both verbal and written. Besides, in-depth knowledge about management also becomes the requirement that a candidate should fill to prove that they have the quality to run the HR manager’s roles.

HR Manager Responsibilities

Controlling the recruitment process becomes the main job of an HR manager. However, these are some other responsibilities that an HR manager should handle. The kinds of responsibilities are:

  • Recruiting an excellent new employee consistently
  • Maintaining the process of onboarding
  • Training, counseling, and coaching the employees and staff
  • Resolving the conflicts positively
  • Conducting the performances and wage reviews
  • Leading the junior teams
  • Maintaining the privacy of employees and workplaces
  • Handling the investigations of the workplace based on the procedures
  • Creating concise and clear reports
  • Giving engaging presentations

HR Manager Requirements

To handle all responsibilities mentioned above, a candidate for an HR manager should fit with the requirements. Some requirements to be a good HR manager are:

  • Bachelor’s degree in human resources, management, or other related fields
  • Proven experiences in human resources or other related fields
  • Ability to build and to maintain a good relationship with staff and employees
  • Experiences in maintaining the privacy of workplace
  • Competency in running Microsoft applications, including Outlook, Excel, and Word
  • Strong ability to deliver presentations
  • In-depth knowledge about management
  • Ability think innovatively

HR Manager FAQ:

What does an HR manager do?

Making sure that the recruitment process is running well becomes the main job of an HR manager. However, a person in this position also should provide great recruitment strategies to maximize the recruited employees.

Can I customize the available HR manager job description?

Of course, you can. The available samples of an HR manager job description here could be edited. You just need to download the sample and renew the information inside it based on the needs of the company.

What to include in making an HR manager job description?

Inside the HR manager job description, you need to write about the qualifications and requirements. Then, do not forget to include the facilities that a selected HR manager will get.

Description: An HR manager job description is quite important for the recruitment process. It will make a candidate knows what they need to prepare before joining.


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