Radiology Technician Job Description and Its FAQ

Inside the hospital or the other health center, a radiology technician has an important role that should be known. Well, based on the radiology technician job description, this agent will diagnose and treat the patients using some imaging examinations, such as MRI scans, CT scans, and others. They also will prepare the procedures and maintain some equipment.

Radiology Technician Job Description Template

Recruiting a talented radiology technician is a need for the health center to maximize their care to the patients. That is why a recruiter needs to know the template of a radiology technician job description before starting the recruitment process.

A template can be a reference to make better recruitment. Through a template, a recruiter can know what they need to write to recruit a talented individual. On another hand, the template also can be the standard of a recruitment process and it will provide an effective process to be enjoyed.

Then, for the candidate of a radiology technician, to be a successful employee, they need to have strong technical skills. Efficient interpersonal skills are also needed especially when they treat patients with different diagnoses.

Radiology Technician Responsibilities

Treating the patients by doing some scanning becomes the main duty of the radiology technician. However, an individual in this position also should do some other responsibilities in treating the patients. The more detail responsibilities of a radiology technician are:

  • Completing the intake process of the patients
  • Taking the history of the patients
  • Preparing and educating the patients about the procedures of imaging
  • Reviewing the charts of the patients or the notes from the doctor before starting scanning and giving some treatments
  • Preparing radiopharmaceuticals for contrasting the diagnostic images
  • Positioning the patients and equipment to capture the corrected area to produce clearer images
  • Monitoring patients and making sure that they are safe during the treatment
  • Calibrating the equipment to make sure that the tools can be used maximally and produce clear images
  • Logging and organizing the results of image
  • Developing film of treatment
  • Ensuring the proper sterilization and saving of the equipment
  • Coordinating with the department of radiology to make the best schedule and complete the procedures of radiographic

Radiology Technician Requirements

To handle all responsibilities, a candidate for a radiology technician should fill all the needed requirements in the recruitment process. The requirements to be fulfilled by a candidate in joining the recruitment are:

  • An associate or bachelor’s degree in radiologic or radiography technology
  • A state license
  • A certificate to practice
  • Excellent communication skills both verbal and written
  • Good interpersonal skills
  • Excellent patient service skills
  • Good analytical and problem-solving skills
  • High ability to operate and to understand the equipment and radiographic technology
  • Good physical stamina to stand for long periods
  • Ability to operate heavy machines without assistance
  • Ability to follow the flexibility work shifts

Radiology Technician FAQ

What are the main duties of a radiology technician?

Scanning becomes the main duty of a radiology technician. However, they also should be able to operate the scan machine based on its functions.

Is the posted job description of a radiology technician here can be edited?

Of course, yes. The posted radiology technician job description is free to be edited. You may download it and then renew detailed information inside it based on the needs of your company.



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