10+ Baby Shower Invitation free template in PSD

Baby Shower Invitation Templates and How to Customize them Beautifully

Well, your baby is on the way, and you are eager to celebrate this exciting time with relatives and friends by holding a baby shower. Sending a decent invitation is one of the ways to get the party began. You do not need to have a specific graphic design experience to create an impressive invitation card. Besides, you will not be running out of options since many sites on the internet offer tons of baby shower invitation templates you can choose as your heart desire.

The Customizable Baby Shower Invitation Templates

The internet indeed offers an abundance of baby shower invitation templates which you can pick, but you need to be selective in terms of the templates size, layout, and so on. In addition, many sites come off with the customizable and professionally designed templates. It allows you to change several items that you think do not match the theme of the baby shower party.

How to Customize Baby Shower Invitation Templates

Below are the tutorials for customizing the template you have picked.

  1. Change the pictures. You may use your own photo or choose a high quality and free copyright picture.
  2. Change the font types and sizes. A lot of graphic design software that you can use in customizing your invitation template has a lot of font types you can pick. It would be better if you choose two types of fonts only, and make sure it won’t overcrowd your invitation card.
  3. If you think the background of the original template is not to your liking or doesn’t match with the theme of the party, choose an image from your own collection.
  4. If you already decided on the theme color of your party, it would be better to change the color of the template as well.

Things to Include in the Baby Shower Invitation Templates

It is okay to be carried away with designing the invitation. Keep in mind that several things below must be included in baby shower invitation templates:

  1. The mother’s name. You can even include the name for your baby.
  2. Some people hold a baby shower party along with the gender reveals party. Meaning, you aren’t required to include the gender of your baby, but if you want to, you can do that.
  3. The dates of the party. This is vital, so you better not forget it.
  4. The location where you are planning the baby shower party.
  5. Include additional information if there are any. For instance, include the party theme, the dress code, what the guests need to bring, and so on.

Print or Share the Baby Shower Invitation Templates

Once you customize your baby shower invitation templates and wrapping up the designing process, now it is time for you to make a final decision. Consider carefully whether you want to print the invitation cards and send it personally as a kind gesture, or maybe you want to share it online through email, social media, or messenger apps.

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