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Designing an Impressive Soundcloud Banner Template

As the largest open audio platform, which is supported by a community of listeners, curators, and listeners, Soundcloud has more than 270 million users, and some new musicians find it difficult to stand out from the masses. A strong profile page is able to help you gain followers and popularity, and maybe even a recording contract. You also need to have a decent Soundcloud banner as proper visuals only are not enough. You don’t need to have particular graphic design skills to have an outstanding banner. Make use of your internet, and find the most impressive Soundcloud banner template.

Thing to Do Before Designing a Soundcloud Banner Template

Nowadays, visualization has an essential role in the marketing strategy. Thus, many people are attempting to create an engaging advertisement through visual elements as the saying goes that “visual does speak louder than words”. It also applies to how you attract listeners through the banner by using a Soundcloud banner template. However, before dwelling into the designing process, there is one vital step you need to past beforehand, that’s by knowing your identity through the music.

After killing a lot of time and energy to write lyrics and compose the tune, you must have realized the identity that you deliver to the music. You can also apply this one in how you will design the Soundcloud banner.

Soundcloud Banner Template Size

The size that’s highly recommended to design Soundcloud banner is 2480 x 520px. You can either upload it as PNG or JPG files or keep in mind that the size of the file must be under 2MB.

Aside from advertising your work through the banner, you can also improve by having a decent profile photo. Make sure the size of picture is 1000 x 1000px, and it visually represents your brand.

Tips in Customizing a Soundcloud Banner Template

  1. After choosing a Soundcloud banner template, now it is time to customize it. However, to efficiently communicate with the target audience, maintain the design of your banner minimal.
  2. Color is one of the ways your listeners can identify your works. Use the brand color as your Soundcloud banner color scheme.
  3. To avoid overcrowded design, make sure you use less than three types of fonts. For the header, choose a bold font. For the body text, choose a neat one. Meanwhile, for the subheader, just use a simpler font.
  4. Make the banner as the most impressive one as it is the last impression. The impression of people who visit your page is vital since it is the first thing they will see the moment they open your page. So, make sure you create a remarkable and outstanding banner.

Choosing a Soundcloud Banner Template

Basically, a Soundcloud banner template is a pre-made layout with many different graphics, fonts, and other visual elements. Since it is a ready-made, you need to switch all the items in this template by using your brand image and the message you want to deliver by following several tips above.


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