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Easy Way to Make a Stunning Event Ticket by Using Event Ticket Template


Host an event, create a ticket. A ticket is something important to create since it becomes the purchasing receipt the participant should show on the D-day. Whatever the event is, an event ticket should be special by designing them right. To have a quick design, consider using an event ticket template. By using a template, an amazing event ticket can be made easily. All you need are just a few customization clicks here and there, and it’s done!

How to Create an Event Ticket Using Event Ticket Template

Well, it is not that hard. Below are the steps of making an event ticket by using an event ticket template:


  • First of all, determine the theme of the event and prepare a color theme as well.
  • Go straight to your PC, then search for a template for event tickets.
  • Browse any sites to find a template that suits your color theme and preferences.
  • Once you find the matching template, download and save it on your PC.
  • Launch the compatible app to open the template file.
  • Do the customization; including the name of the event, date, place, and any data that you want to input.
  • Once you’re finished doing the customization, save that template file. You can also export the event ticket templateinto its PDF or image file. Those file types will ease you to print the ticket.
  • To make copious tickets, make a different file in your image editor. Then set the paper big enough to accommodate many ticket copies.
  • Set the size of your ticket. Don’t make it too small, don’t make it too large.
  • Do the copy-paste. Different applications have different ways to do it.

Customization You Can Make for the Event Ticket Template


Once the template is on your hand, the next step you can do is customizing the ticket template. Things you can edit include the name of the event, date, place, or any information regarding the event itself. For a music concert event, you can tell the gate opening hours as well as its closing hours. You may also include the name of the guest star in that event. If the seat is pre-determined, the ticket should also cover this information.

How to Make the Event Ticket Template Stunning


To make the ticket looks amazing, the designer can do these tricks:


  • Use relevant, high-quality pictures for the ticket. It’d be better if the pictures used come from royalty-free image stock sites, or you can also use your self-documentation.
  • Always be consistent in using the color theme.
  • Don’t put too tiny font size for the ticket. That ticket can be the participant’s reminder about the event itself.
  • Don’t use too many additional ornaments. If the template is too bland, it is OK to add several ornaments, illustrations, etc. But don’t let them occupy much space for the text.

Dos and Don’ts While Using an Event Ticket Template



  • Find the template that suits your capability. For example, if you are more comfortable using a word-processor friendly template, just go with it.
  • Use royalty-free photos or illustrations.
  • Do customization, even if it means by only adjusting the color hue.


  • Forgetting to put the sponsor logo or any media partner
  • Put any images you find on the internet without knowing whether it is a royalty-free image or not
  • Leaving small spaces only for the information regarding the event in that event ticket template.


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