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Make the Email Interesting with Email Template Design


Email templates are usually be used by the websites that offer newsletter subscriptions. If you have been subscribing to a certain newsletter, you must have noticed that almost all emails come with specific designs. The components shown are generally logo, framing, and specific colors that remind you of the site itself. That is the point. Newsletters are a kind of marketing tool. Therefore, building the brand awareness is important. To achieve that, an email template design is applied; not only to make the email less dull, but it also drives to the aforementioned important aspect: brand awareness.

The Bright Side of Email Template Design


Even when the email has good things to offer, once the design is noticed as something not interesting, people will be lazy to read it whole. This is where an email template design plays an important role.

  1. Email template makes the letter look trustable

Without that, people will think that the email is just spam. This will lead them to move the email into the trash bin.

  1. Look good, impress better

To be bluntly said, clean and professional emails will impress the readers better than the plain one. Unless it is a personal email, a plain advertisement email will show that the sender is ‘too lazy’ to even design the email. Hence, it’s a big no.

  1. It may lead to better sales

As a marketing tool, emails are like the gate to introduce your products to the clients/consumers. The design will make your email engage better with them, so it can also lead to their curiosity to hit the link given in the mail. Work it out a bit more, and big sales are yours.


Email Template Design Components


Like any other templates, an email template design owns these components:


  • Headline

The headline is usually occupied by the logo and your company name. It is a tool that helps people to know who the sender is although they may have seen that on the sender’s name. You know, the same name may have different logos, right?

  • Spaces for contents

Contents here refer to the email body text. This also includes the action links that will land on the page you want your email readers to see.

  • Ornaments

Colors, illustrations, you name it – the things outside the above two are included into ornaments. This aspect plays a huge role to make the email becomes interesting and not monotone to read.


Tips to Create a Good Email Template Design


  1. Have a color theme

Every company should have this as their brand identity. The color theme helps the clients/consumers to memorize and link the colors to your company. Usually, a company has one main color and several derivative colors, because one color will be too common.

  1. Don’t use a too-small font size

Tiny size will make the email unreadable. Don’t blame them if they put the email to the bin even though you’ve styled them pretty well.

  1. ‘Crowded’ text

This will also bore the readers. Be concise yet don’t forget to be smart and persuasive (but not coercive) in your wordings.


How to Make Email Template Design


There are many email template design offered on the internet. All you have to do is find one that fits perfectly to your company, then customize it using the relevant app – and there it is! You have your email template now. Attach it to your email and see how it does wonders.



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