Commis Chef Job Description – Skills To Add To Be A Professional One


Commis chef is one of the most important staff in the kitchen. He or she must perform various jobs. learn the commis chef job description bellow.

Commis Chef Job Description – Duties And Responsibilities

  • Helping to prepare the meal ingredients for the Chef de Partie.
  • Assisting the kitchen staff to do various kitchen duties.
  • Measuring the ingredients accurately during preparation.
  • Making kitchen preparation such as chopping, peeling, and washing vegetables and fruits.
  • Preparing salads and their sauce according to the direction of the chef.
  • Verifying and receiving all the meal ingredients requested and make sure all of them are complete and in good quality.
  • Recording the inventory and reporting the depleted or low supplies to the supervisor.
  • Sorting and discarding the expired food or meal ingredients stored in the freezers, refrigerators, and also stock rooms.
  • Making sure the kitchen area is clean by performing basic cleaning duties and making sure all the kitchen stuff has been sanitized properly.
  • Helping the chef doing plating based on the chef’s instruction.
  • Unboxing, unpacking, and organizing deliveries.
  • Making sure all the food and meal ingredients are stored properly.

Skills And Quality In The Commis Chef Job Description

Being a professional commis chef requires certain skills and qualifications. According to the commis chef job description, you are required to have the following skills and qualities:

  • Having strong knowledge about food and hygiene and safety standards.
  • Having strong stamina because this job will require you to stand in a long period.
  • High patience in handling the pressure such as time limit and cooking pressure.
  • A strong ability in management and organizational skills.
  • An excellent communication skill.

It is important to attach the certification in culinary arts. Besides, according to the commis chef job description, the candidate also must have a food handler’s license.

If you already meet the commis chef job description, you can copy our objective statement bellow:

  • I worked in the culinary industry for years and have experience in handling the kitchen pressure well. Hence, I would like to apply as a commis chef.
  • being experienced as a commis chef, I am ready to be part of your team.
  • I can work under the pressure in the kitchen and I think I will meet the requirements in the commis chef job description you have posted.
  • After hearing your company is looking for a new commis chef, I am ready to use all of my skills and knowledge in the kitchen.
  • The kitchen is my passion and I would like to be part of your team by applying as the commis chef candidate.
  • With all of the experience in the kitchen in the past years, I would like to be back in the kitchen to gain more knowledge and skills by applying as a commis chef in your company.
  • I like to apply as a commis chef and am ready to work under the pressure.

That’s all our summary about the commis chef job description. We do hope our article brings you inspiration.

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