Find Out Essential Information About The Martial Arts Instructor Job Description For Being The Professional Ones



Becoming a professional martial arts instructor is essential since this job is needed nowadays. Many schools need martial arts instructors to teach their students since they are young. However, it is also necessary to know the required skills and responsibilities of being a professional martial arts instructor. Take a look at the martial arts instructor job description below if you are interested in applying for this position as your future career.

The Duties and Responsibilities in the Martial Arts Instructor Job Description

  • Making lessons scheduled for group class or individual.
  • Providing clear instruction for students about the martial arts techniques.
  • Informing students or classroom about the theoretical and historical underpinning the methods.
  • Fostering respect, discipline, and other virtue values within the school.
  • Providing valuable and proper self-defense techniques.
  • Supervising student or class to make sure that class interactions are safe.
  • Encouraging the use of martial arts techniques learned both outside and within the classroom.
  • Providing clear demonstrations and techniques to institutions, companies, parents, and other members to promote safety.
  • Leading and managing related events, including boot camps, tournaments, workshops, and grading.
  • Informing the students or class about their progress and giving the reviews or advice.
  • Tracking and receiving any electronic payments or cash about the martial arts class payment.
  • Ensuring students get a supportive environment in learning martial arts.


The Requirements Skills in the Martial Arts Instructor Job Description of Becoming Excellent Instructor

  • Having much experience and gain a Black belt in martial arts.
  • Having experience working in and teaching martial arts to class (students) of fitness levels and varying ages.
  • Having proven abilities to give students lessons and encourage them for participation in international, national, and local tournaments.
  • Having a clear criminal record.
  • The instructor must be able to move easily and quickly (physically agile).
  • The martial arts instructor should have excellent leadership skills.
  • Having excellent verbal communication skill that focuses on command attention.
  • Being supportive, respectful, fair, and various approaches to teaching martial arts in class.
  • Having excellent event planning and practice scheduling skills that fit in duties and responsibilities in the martial arts instructor job description.
  • Deeply passionate about self-development and martial arts.
  • Developing a student’s confidence in the learning process about their abilities.

The Resume Samples in the Martial Arts Instructor Job Description For Your Future Careers

  • I have excellent skills that are required in the martial arts instructor job description.
  • I have a black belt experience in martial arts and capable of teaching students about various techniques.
  • I have excellent verbal communication skills that are important in giving command attention to the students.
  • I will make an effective program and schedule for preparing students in martial arts tournaments.

All in all, the applicants need to start to write and update their application after reading the martial arts instructor job description. If you want to beat other recruitment applicants, you should complete all the requirements, skills, and duties of this job position. We hope this article helps you to prepare yourself in application writing for your future careers. Good luck!


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