Preschool Director Job Description – Knowing The Duties Are Not Enough For This Position


A preschool director’s job is assigned to manage the preschool from building the ethos and reputation of the schools. The person who is in charge must make collaborate with parents, teachers, principals, etc. The following summary is the preschool director’s job description if you want to know this position further.

The Responsibilities And Duties In The Preschool Director Job Description

  • Supervise the childcare workers and teachers.
  • Monitor or oversee the daily activities in the preschool.
  • Hire new preschool staff and train them.
  • Create and develop policies and curricula based on national guidelines.
  • Develop the human resources in the preschool such as providing opportunities for the staff members.
  • Ensuring all the school properties are well-managed.
  • Create budgeting and managing the finances.
  • Maintaining social media, as well as the school subject as a part of school interaction with the public.
  • Conduct CPR and also First Aid training for all staff.
  • Create a fundraising event.
  • Schedule the training for teachers and staff members.
  • Monitoring the meal preparation for the kids.
  • Assist the teacher or staff members in communicating with parents such as when discussing the progress of the students.


Skills To have In The Preschool Director Job Description

The preschool director is one of the most important positions in the organization. This position will manage the whole school activities and shape the organization how it will look in front of the public. This is why a candidate must have certain skills. Typically, the skills included in the preschool director job description are as follow:

  • An excellent business skill, which the preschool director should be able to manage the childcare centers and its business well.
  • Communication skill is also another important thing because the director needs to communicate with various people from the preschool staff. The preschool director will be the person who shows the image of the organization.
  • Interpersonal skill is the next important skill to have as it will help the organization develop the relationship between preschool, students, and parents.
  • Strong leadership skill is required as the directors must supervise the staff and oversee all of the school activities.
  • Excellent organizational skills.

To be a professional and successful preschool director, you must uphold the vision that the school activities, regulations, and policies meet with the state’s standard. If you are interested to apply for this position, knowing and understanding the preschool director job description is not enough. Ensure you impress the employer by making a good resume. In this way, you can pass the first phase of screening. Here is some objective statement you can take as an idea:

  • I have years of experience working in the academic field as a teacher and staff. On this occasion, I would like to apply as a preschool director.
  • Kids are my passion and I always have the vision to build a good ethos for the organization. Knowing there is a position opened, I would like to apply as a candidate.

In short, to work as a preschool director requires you some experiences and soft skills that we have mentioned in the preschool director job description above. This job has a responsibility to bring the organization to a better place.

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