Information Technology Project Plan Template

An information technology project plan is a modern effort that is usually conducted by or on behalf of the university or institution in Information Technology (IT) corporations that build a new system or service with technology-based. IT cannot be used just like that immediately but it must be regulated and engineered in accordance with the needs of the company so that later the results are obtained as expected.


How To Make An Information Technology Project Plan

There are five stages to make an information technology project plan as follows:

  1. IT Disasters and Analysis

This first stage, a description of the problems or disasters encountered and a work plan / IT project will be carried out. Then, the IT project manager will carry out inspection and planning. The project manager must understand how to build an IT project, solve problems when the system is in progress, set goals, and record various obstacles or interruptions.


  1. System design

Functional needs must be built and updated with consideration of several alternative approaches that can be conceptualized and also compared in terms of cost and benefit factors. Furthermore, the project manager will make an action plan and work process planning.


  1. Project initiation

In this stage, companies must identify business values (Identify business values), that is, companies must be able to ensure that information technology projects plan to be started are truly based on business needs, project sponsors must recognize and understand the company’s business needs carefully, then implement business needs. Business needs must describe the functionality of the system to be created. The business value of IT projects must be clearly explained, measurable or not measurable. Compilation of documentation about system requirements called system requests.


  1. Project sponsor

Project sponsors are one of the important things in implementing an IT project. Project sponsors are the key parties who provide proposals for the development or adoption of new technological innovations in a company or institution. Project sponsors also act as parties who seek or provide funds for the ongoing implementation of IT projects. So the support of the project sponsor will determine the success or failure of an IT project in the company.


  1. Feasibility analysis

A company or agency is called feasible to build an information technology system after the relevant company carries out a feasibility analysis. The feasibility analysis is carried out after the system requirements and business requirements are reached. This feasibility analysis aims to describe clearly and in detail about the comparison of costs to be incurred with the profits to be obtained. In the feasibility analysis, three important things are consisting of Technical Feasibility, Economic Feasibility, Organizational Feasibility. 

In conclusion, companies need to define all system requirements and business requirements by making a system request documentation. Then the company also needs to study by doing Feasibility Analysis, so that it knows whether the information technology project plan to be implemented is worth continuing or not.

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