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Insurance business plan is a strategy business including healthy business insurance, education insurance, and many others, with using premium contribution. The potential for insurance business opportunities in Indonesia is higher based on survey results which prove that most insurance policyholders are in big cities. For the small cities and regions, there are still many that have not been touched. If some of us think that the Indonesian people still do not understand the importance of insurance, it does not mean that it is a barrier for us to run this business. Precisely with the lack of information regarding the importance of insurance, there will be great potential for us to offer insurance.

How if you do not know much knowledge about insurance business? After knowing how big the potential and you are interested in starting this business, unexpectedly arises a doubt because you feel that you do not know about finance. You also feel inferior if struggling in the field of finance if you have to explain it to clients.


What Should You Do In Planning An Insurance Business?

Three points below are important for you when you make an insurance business plan. The explanation is presented below.

  • Interesting

You plan the insurance business, you have to consider that it will be interesting for your client. Pay more attention who will be your target client who wants to use and join your business insurance. Make it so interesting, so then you can persuade anymore to join your business.


  • Unique

You consider that your insurance business plan will be interested in people, so then you will plan the business insurance to be unique. There are so many kinds of insurance business, for instance, in Indonesia, so your competitors are so many either. Find an idea to make your insurance business is different from others.


  • Funded

This is something crucial. Before you do this business, ensuring that the cost of the insurance is by the service and facility given. The client or consumers, of course, want the insurance which is low funded but worth it. Consider this client’s mindset because they are one of the sources to make standing out your insurance business strategy. 

So, everyone, insurance business plan does not mean an easy business. You have to consider many ways. Those strategies are crucial for you at the beginning of making a plan for your business. There are competitors are now. However, a healthy business does not compete unfriendly with others. Competition justifies any means so that it can harm the business of others because the nature of this insurance business is mutually beneficial for you as an investor, agent, or consumer. So start your business with your best strategies so you can make good business and useful for others and yourself, or your business institution.

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