Employee Training Plan Template


Employee Training Plan Template For Our New Employees

The training period is the time where new employees are trained by the company before finally working. New employees practice various job desks from their positions in the company. The duration of new employee training can be in a matter of days, weeks, to months. The aim is to prepare new employees to understand their role in the company. Usually, the HR department prepares training programs for new employees. Or the leadership of each division that prepared it. They prepare their employee training preparations on a template called the employee training plan template. The template can also be called an individual employee training plan template because it contains the things that will be implemented by each new employee.


The Matters Included In The Employee Training Plan Template

An employee training plan templates are indeed very practical to use because it has written various things that we must complete. Some things are included as follows.

  1. Training topic or task

The employee training plan templates is usually a table with parts. In the first part about topics and training assignments for new employees. This first part can also be called learning material for new employees. It usually, consists of many things that must be mastered by new employees according to their role in the company. If you are a new employee in a company the first part of this template are the things you will do during training. Both general and all new or specific employees according to your position in the company. An example of a training program in the company is MS Visio.


  1. Training method

Training can be done in various ways. Some use the method of lecturing like a lecture, doing an assignment, or even online training. This method section is more about how to deliver training material to prospective employees. The usual method is the lecture method and assignment. Both require prospective employees to come to the company so that leaders can directly monitor training activities. The plan is contained in the employee training plan template.


  1. Plan the implementation time and duration of each topic

Because the employee training plan templates is a plan that will be carried out in the future, of course, there are expected time for implementation and duration of time for each material to be delivered to new employees. This aims to estimate the length of training that will be done. That time can change if planning changes. It can be longer or faster. It depends on the situation and condition of the company.


  1. Status

The status in the employee training plan templates is filled in as ensuring that the plan will be carried out during the training activity. Those who make and plan employee training activities must consider many things in deciding what new employees should receive when training. Therefore, the status here will be written completely if the fix will be implemented and incomplete if it is not certain it will be realized. 

Training program planners for new employees are accustomed to using templates to speed up their work. They use the employee training plan template that is readily available so that their work can be quickly completed. And they hope that the activities they plan can be carried out well.

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