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The Necessary Elements In Making Career Development Plans

Career development is an employee activity that helps employees plan their future careers in the company so that the company and the employees concerned can develop themselves to the fullest.

A career development plan for employees means that employees are the focus of the need to develop so they can grow their careers. For that, we need good communication and understanding between the company and employees. That is why career development plans must be well made to be effective.

The starting point for career development starts with the employee himself, where everyone is responsible for the development or advancement of his career. After the commitment is held, some development activities benefit employees and the organization, the HR department conducts training and development for employees.

What Elements Are Needed In Making Career Development Plans?

The preparation of a career development plan for workers in an organization must be carried out by taking into account various possibilities that seek to strike a balance between the interests of the individual employee and the interests of the community. So that career development is expected to be able to produce benefits for both parties.

For the individual workforce, it is expected that career development will be able to improve the quality of their lives from time to time. As for the organization, the expected benefits are guaranteed quality of human resources owned and their optimal use to realize organizational goals.

Three elements must be considered in the steps of preparing a career development plan pdf.

1.  Career need assessment

A career for someone is a very important element and is very personal in his life. In preparing a career development plan, assessing individual career needs is the first element that is said first.

Because it is precisely this element that will greatly influence the realization of the main goal of a career development program, namely maintaining existing human resources so that they will continue to have a willingness to work in organizations with a high enough intensity.

2.  Career opportunities

After the workforce is encouraged to determine their career needs, it is only natural that it is followed by the responsibility to describe career opportunities that exist within the organization concerned.

With information about career opportunities that exist in the organization, then every workforce and prospective workforce knows the various possible positions that can be occupied.

3.  Need opportunity alignment

If the two previous elements, namely the career needs of the workforce and available career opportunities have been determined, then what must be done is to make adjustments between the two interests. In practice, these adjustments can be made with the help of a labor mutation program or a training and career development plans. 

Employee career development as a human resource management activity is a form of realization of the relationship between employees and the company. Although it depends on the professionalism of each employee, the company still takes an important role in the development of this career. The better the employee career development system in a company, the easier it is for employees to create a career development plan.

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