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Writing a wedding timeline for the first time can be intimidating. Although you have ever attended many wedding parties, you may not understand how to write a wedding timeline properly. If you do not have any idea about this, it will be a good idea to use the following printable wedding timeline template here.

Tips in Creating a Wedding Timeline

Creating your own wedding template is possible. However, you have to know some important & useful tips. First of all, you have to decide what time your wedding party is going start. It really affects the timeline of the wedding. Different people may love different time for their wedding party or ceremony.

There are many ideas about the starting time. For example, you want to make a morning wedding timeline, an early afternoon wedding timeline, a later evening wedding timeline, a cocktail wedding reception timeline, a separate wedding ceremony & reception timeline, or any other idea about it.

How to Write a Wedding Timeline

If you want to write your own wedding timeline, you can see our free printable wedding timeline templates. First of all, you have to provide the title at the top. After that, you should make the timeline schedule. In this case, you have to decide the agendas during the wedding and the time of each agenda.

Let’s see the following example. For a cocktail wedding timeline, you can start with vendors arriving at 3 p.m. The next agendas include pre-ceremony music, invite time, start of ceremony, end of ceremony, first round of food, music, dinner, toast, dance, cake cutting, depart of couple & guest and breakdown.

What to Consider in Creating a Wedding Timeline

When you make your own wedding timeline, you need to consider some important things. The first is about invite time. It is the time of your invitation. Your guests may come before or after the invite time. Besides that, you can also consider having a receiving line. However, it is not a must, it is just optional.

Then, if you decide to hold a wedding in the evening, serving a dinner can be a good idea. Here, you have to plan the menus for the dinner. In addition, you can also include a toast to make the wedding merrier. For your inspiration, it will be better to use our free printable wedding timelines form below.

How to Use Our Printable Wedding Timeline Templates

If you are interested in our templates, just feel free to use your desired one. After you find the most appropriate template that meets your needs, you can download it easily. Our templates are available in different formats. Make sure that you choose the format you want.

Our printable wedding timeline template is also customizable. So, you are allowed to customize it first. Do not forget to fulfill the template based on your planned schedule. Once you fill out the template completely, now you can directly print it out. You may need to have some copies.

Printable wedding timeline template will be very useful to make your own wedding timeline. Let’s find your desired template and use it.

29+ Wedding Timeline Template  Word, Excel, PDF, PSD, Vector EPS

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printable wedding timeline template

Wedding Day Timeline Template Forms   Fillable & Printable Samples

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29+ Wedding Timeline Template Word, Excel, PDF, PSD, Vector EPS

29+ Wedding Timeline Template  Word, Excel, PDF, PSD, Vector EPS

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printable wedding timeline template

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