Barista Job Description and Its Requirements

For those who have a café business, having an experienced and skilled barista is the key to be a successful businessman. Some common people think that barista is a coffee maker. Substantively, the barista job description is quite complex. A barista will make kinds of beverages, such as coffee, tea, sandwich, and others. That is why a barista should have some ability in executing recipes.

Barista Job Description Templates

A template of the job description of a barista will be useful to help those who want to recruit a new barista for their café. Through a template, of course, you could make a document for recruitment easily. There is a default shape of the document, so you do not need to make it from a blank document.

On another hand, a candidate of barista should fulfill and fit with some standards. A good barista is someone who has well-education about food and beverages. Then, since the barista will meet with the customers, they need to have good communication skills and a friendly attitude.

To be a successful barista, a candidate also should have a high commitment to deliver the best service for the customers. A positive and polite attitude is key.

Barista Responsibilities

Based on the points before, the main responsibilities of the barista is to prepare the beverages and foods as it is ordered by the customers. Substantively, the barista has more complex responsibilities to handle, such as:

  • Welcoming the clients or customers, informing them about the new or special menus, answering their questions, and accepting both orders and payments
  • Preparing kinds of foods, such as baked goods, sandwiches, and others. Grinding and blending the coffee beans, brewing tea and coffee, and other matters to serve the customers.
  • Packaging foods and other similar things for sale
  • Selling coffee and tea blends
  • Cleaning the workplace and restocking the items
  • Sanitizing the equipment and utensils
  • Learning about kinds of brewing methods, beverages blends, food preparations, and other matters to improve the techniques and knowledge
  • Updating the signage and displaying to attract the customers
  • Following the regulations and quality control of foods

Barista Requirements

To handle some responsibilities, these are some requirements that should be fulfilled. The requirements could be the standard of recruitment. The common requirements to recruit a candidate of barista are:

  • High school diploma or equivalent
  • Experiences in preparing the foods and beverages
  • Willingness to continue learning about food and beverage preparation
  • Good ability in communication and listening
  • Availability to work around peak hours, including nights, very early morning, weekends, and holidays
  • High commitment to satisfy the customers and provide an excellent service

Barista FAQ

What tasks does the barista do?

Making the ordered food and beverage becomes the main task of the barista. However, besides it, the barista should learn more about the method and technique of food preparation to make custom menus.

Can I customize the uploaded sample of the barista job description?

Yes, you can. The uploaded document on this page is editable. You may renew the information inside it and make it based on the needs of your café.

What should I include in making this job description?

Detailed information on the barista job description should be written there. Then, complete it with the facilities that the barista will get, especially about the amount of salary.

Description: A barista job description is an important document to be made, especially for recruiting a new employee. Through the clear description, a chance to get a good barista could be done well.


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