Accounting Intern Job Description

Accounting Intern Job Description and Its FAQ

An accounting intern for a specific company is very essential. The appearance of this agent will be useful to help an accounting firm. We may see through the accounting intern job description that this agent will have an opportunity to learn about accounting fields. Besides, they also will give hands to help performing researches, preparing financial reports, assisting staff, and others.

Accounting Intern Job Description Template

Since an important role of an accounting intern, getting a trusted agent is very important for the company or a firm. That is why the template of job descriptions for an accounting intern is important. The template here could be a reference for recruitment.

Inside a template, you may write some detailed tasks of an accounting intern. In common, an accounting intern is someone familiar with the GAAP and some principles of financial. Besides, they also could participate in the journal entries preparation and financial reports.

To be a good accounting intern, a candidate should have a strong understanding of accounting and they also perform a positive attitude. Besides, a candidate also eager to learn and they are receptive to feedback. An experience sometimes becomes one of plus points to be considered.

Accounting Intern Responsibilities

An accounting intern will face many financial reports in running their role. However, substantively, these are some responsibilities that they need to handle. The responsibilities of an accounting intern are:

  • Shadowing the members of the accounting intern department as they perform their duties completely
  • Assisting the staff with research, filing, data entry, and recording. Sometimes, an accounting intern also should maintain the accurate and complete records of financial
  • Preparing the financial reports, such as the balance sheets, the income statements, invoices, and other related documents
  • Working with the software of bookkeeping
  • Handling confidential and sensitive information with a high integrity
  • Learning how to work and how to perform as an accounting intern with best roles
  • Taking an additional project to help the staff when it is needed

Accounting Intern Requirements

To handle all responsibilities as above, an accounting intern should fit with some requirements. The requirements should be the standard to value the capacity of an accounting intern. Some common requirements that are displayed inside the template are:

  • A candidate must be a fresh graduated or actively working on a bachelor’s or master’s accounting
  • Strong basic understanding of accounting and the financial principles
  • Reach the minimal GPA as it is required
  • Aptitude for math and proficiency with computers
  • Strong communication skills in both verbal and writing
  • High level of efficiency, responsibility, and accuracy
  • Strong desire to start a new challenge

Accounting Intern FAQ

What tasks does the accounting intern do?

The main task of an accounting intern is to handle all documents about accounting. However, they also should help the staff, especially in making a report when it is needed.

Can I customize the uploaded sample of the accounting intern job description?

Surely, you can. The posted document is editable. You may change some information and then fix it with the detailed job description of an accounting intern that you need.

What should I include in making this job description?

The detailed information about an accounting intern job description should be written completely. Then, do not forget to write the facilities that an accounting intern will get.

Description: An accounting intern job description will tell what this agent should do in running their role. This document is also useful to help you in doing recruitment.


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