Accounts Payable Clerk Job Description and its template 

An accounts payable clerk has responsible to do a range of accounting and clerical tasks. Of course, it has related to the accounts payable function such as receiving, verifying invoices, processing payment, and also purchasing orders. They are also needed in several accounting environments. Therefore, creating an accounts payable clerk job description is important to write for any company.

The accounts payable clerk job description templates 

Looking for an account payable clerk should be careful because they have a big responsibility. You need to get the accountant payable clerk that is responsible to handle the company’s bills and also planning the account payable ledger. As an account payable clerk, you will be tasked to receive, open, and also log the invoice on the ledger as well as other duties such as a bank settlement.

Moreover, an account payable clerk also needs to handle the payable invoice and also expense the report handling. In other words, you need to have professional skills to be an account, payable clerk.

To succeed in this role, you need to be an expert in Microsoft Office, especially in Word and Excel. Moreover, an ideal candidate also has good experience in payments, the accounting process, and also budgeting. Last, you should be able to handle the supervisory tasks when it is necessary.

The responsibilities of the accounts payable clerk 

As an accounts payable clerk, you need to know some responsibilities for this job. The accounts payable clerk responsibilities descriptions are:

  • Procedure the check requests and expense reports regularly
  • Accurately appraisal, code, and process vendor invoices
  • Universal ledger journal entries and also credit card and bank account reconciliation
  • Switch the payments in an organized and timely manner
  • Improve and keep of Excel spreadsheets
  • Internal credit card reconciliation when it is required
  • Make sure the imaging of invoice to support the documents
  • Help with audit support as necessary
  • Help in streamlining the accounts payable process
  • Work together with account receivable clerk and others to resolve account issues
  • Cost report handling

The requirements of the accounts payable clerk 

To be an accounts payable clerk also needs some requirements to fulfill. The accounts payable clerk requirements descriptions are:

  • Bachelor’s degree in accounting or related field
  • Expert in Word, Outlook, and also PowerPoint
  • Improvement abilities with Excel
  • Understand the basic accounting principles
  • Contented using a computer for several tasks beyond the general accounting
  • Capable to handle supervisory responsibility if it is necessary
  • Experience of payments, accounting, and also budgeting
  • Solid time management and organizational skills

The accounts payable clerk FAQ

What do an accounts payable clerk do?

The main task of accounts payable clerk usually pays a company’s bills on time and also ensures the company is being billed with the proper amount. They also usually will receive, open, and log invoices from the department head. You need to write on the accounts payable clerk job description template.

Can I edit the accounts payable clerk job description here?

You also can edit our accounts payable clerk job description document here because it is editable. in other words, you can download and edit the accounts payable clerk job description suitable with your company needs.


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