Hairstylist Job Description and Its FAQ

For the fashion field, a hairstylist is an important matter to be considered. Based on the hairstylist job description, an individual in this position will do some treatments for the hair, including cleaning, cutting, and hair consultation. Of course, their ability will influence the style of the clients. Today, those are many professional hairstylistswho provide their best services.

Hairstylist Job Description Template

A template of the hairstylist is an important document for the recruitment process. It could be a reference for human resources to get new staff. Through a template, you –as the recruiter, could know what to write in the recruitment document, especially the requirements.

A hairstylist will have important duties, such as consulting clients on the options of the hairstyling, describing the hair care products, and others. That is why recruiting a hairstylist should consider some matters to make sure that the chosen agent is professional.

For the candidate, a hairstylist should have in-depth knowledge about hair in detail and kinds of hair care products. They also should be familiar with many ideas of hairstyling and being updated with the new style. They who follow the mode can be preferred.

Hairstylist Responsibilities

Styling hair becomes the main duty of a hairstylist. However, an individual in this position still has some other duties to be handled. The duties or responsibilities are:

  • Keeping updated on the trends of hairstyle and styling methods
  • Managing the bookings and welcoming the clients to the store
  • Adhering the safety of the salon and the standard of cleanliness
  • Building the personal relationship with the clients to make sure they will make return visits
  • Acting as a salesperson to sell the hair care products to the clients
  • Performing the scalp treatments
  • Offering pedicure, manicure, waxing and facial services
  • Cutting, shampooing, coloring, highlighting and other methods for hair
  • Describing the different products of hair care with its benefits
  • Listening to the clients
  • Providing the options of the style options for the clients

Hairstylist Requirements

To be a good hairstylist and to handle all responsibilities as mentioned before, a candidate of a hairstylist should fill some requirements, such as:

  • GED completion or high school graduation
  • Licensing from a cosmetology school
  • Creative mindset and a good eye for kinds of design
  • Have a good stamina
  • Good communication skills, especially verbal
  • Excellent interpersonal skills
  • Proficiency with curlers, hot irons, blow dryers, and others
  • Experiences as a colorist or hairstylist
  • Ability to work in hours
  • Ability to work under pressure

Hairstylist FAQ

What are the main duties of a hairstylist?

Styling hair becomes the main duty of a hairstylist. However, a hairstylist also should be familiar with any kind of hair, starting from the latest style, the products of it, and others. Sometimes, a hairstylist should deliver their recommendation for the clients.

Is the posted hairstylist editable?

Yes, it is. The job description of a hairstylist here is editable. You just need to download it and then open Microsoft Word to edit the whole information. Collect your needs inside the template.

What should I write in making the recruitment document?

The detailed hairstylist job description should be the matter to be included there. However, do not forget to write about the facilities that the selected candidate for a hairstylist will get after the recruitment.




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