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Merchandiser Resume

Merchandiser is one of the prominent position because they represent the face of the company. Why? because merchandiser has a job to decide the product appearance in various stores. They are responsible for designing the appearance of the product in a certain area and make sure the products represent the vision of the company and of course look more appealing. This is why you will see certain products are displayed in a certain way so the customers can spot the product quickly. If you think you are eligible for doing this area, applying as a merchandiser will be suitable. However, you still need to do various preparation, especially writing the merchandiser resume.

Samuel Kim

Personal Info

Phone: (900)765-234-657

Email: samuel.kim@gmail.com


Detail-and goal-oriented merchandiser with 4+ years of experience. Excelled in arranging product display in-store. Seeking to boost sales for Shelves Home Group. At Kadin Group, created 75+ planograms for display purposes. Successfully exceeded the selling target by 35% per year. Succeeded in merchandising activities for 200 stores.

Work Experience


Retail Optimization Strategies

January 2018-January 2021

  • Served as a merchandiser and liaising for more than 200 stores.
  • Developed 75+ planograms for product display projects and successfully increased the selling records by 35% per year.
  • Developed quarterly sale programs and assisted the staff in executing this project. Increased the sales growth by 10% per year.
  • Trained workers in stores in terms of mastering product knowledge that resulted in 28% higher satisfaction. Merchandiser

Crow Outfitters

November 2016 – December 2017

Planned and developed merchandising programs.

  • Analyzed the market trends and customer behavior to forecasts what kind of products were needed in the market.
  • Trained the retail staff and made sure they have a good product knowledge as well as the selling programs in the company.


2012 – 2016 Nottingham University

BS in Business Administration

Created fundraising projects for Elderlies Care Organization that gathered more than USD 1 million.

GPA: 3.7

Relevant Coursework: Auditing, Budgeting, Craft, Painting

Membership: Street Craft Club

Key Skills

  • Hard skills: commercial awareness, store display design, performing audits, and creating planograms.
  • Soft skills: interpersonal, networking, problem-solving, critical thinking, stamina, and leadership.


Favorite Outstanding Recycled Crafts in Aurora Competition, 2020


  • English
  • French
  • Mandarin
  • Italian

What Are The Duties And Responsibilities Of A Merchandiser?

Before writing a resume, you must understand the duties and responsibilities of a merchandiser. This can help you sort the skills that match the company’s needs. Here is the job description of a merchandiser:

  • Cooperating with suppliers, stores, and other merchandisers in executing the product display projects.
  • Doing meetings with analysts, distributors, and also suppliers.
  • Doing budgeting
  • Forecasting the products needed in the market.
  • Training the junior staff, and the store’s staff.
  • Overseeing and managing the stock distribution.

What To Do To Make The Merchandiser Resume Look Outstanding?

Writing a resume can be the trickiest thing. You cannot just write down your background education, experience, and skills. It is more like a skill about how to sell yourself. You might want to include a resume summary to help the hiring manager read your profile quickly. A profile summary is often considered the most important thing in a resume. You only need around 2-4 sentences to summarize your profile. You can begin with the skill, experiences, and background education as well as your main intention in working in the targeted company.

What Are The Main Skills To Master As A Merchandiser?

The main skill required as a merchandiser is the ability in product positioning to attract customers. The entire process starts with effective forecasting about what kind of products are needed in the market. This determines the display designs. Besides, you need to master planning software and have the ability to assess the trends.

Kinds Of Merchandiser Resume Templates

A resume template has now become the most searched media among applicants because it helps them create a professional resume effectively. Besides, they will not miss a single detail about their profile. The following is a list of templates that you can download for free:

Merchandiser Resume Template

This template has a fresh design with two colors that make your resume look noticeable. The best thing about this resume template is the structure is very tidy and simple. Even you only fill out space in less than an hour.

Visual Merchandiser Resume Sample

The best way to not miss a detail when writing a resume is by using a template. This visual merchandiser resume sample helps you understand the structure of a professional resume. Besides, it is also editable. This template is perfect for applying for a position as a merchandiser.

Retail Merchandiser CV Template

Are you tired of looking for a CV template? Then don’t worry! We think you need to give this template a chance. This is an excellent template that also comes with a resume objective session allowing you to summarize your profile effectively.

Senior Merchandiser Resume Sample

For seniors or people who are experienced in visual merchandising activities, you probably want to change your career to another company. If you are thinking about changing your career, this senior resume template is one of the best choices. The best part about this template is its detailed components, from your picture, profile, resume summary, and others. It is an all-in-one template that can be used for various purposes.

Sales Merchandiser Resume Sample

To work in sales, first of all, you need to set some strategies in writing a resume because you have countless competitors in the same field. This template is a good tool to help you tailor your resume.

Sample Format Merchandiser Resume

If you are looking for a simple format, then you need this template. It is a template where you can showcase your potential and convince that you are an eligible candidate in front of the employer. It is a must-have template for you who are actively seeking a new opportunity.

Pharmaceutical Merchandiser Resume sample

If you love working as a merchandiser and at the same time have a passion for the pharmaceutical, this template is for you. It would be safe to assume that you make a good resume using a template rather than building it from scratch and it ends up forgetting the important points.

Apparel Merchandiser Resume Format

An additional template design that you might like is this apparel merchandiser. It is a template with great design and format, allowing you to write a professional resume effectively and enhancing the chance to get noticed by the hiring manager.


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