1+ Customer Service Resume Template


Customer Service Resume Template

Professionals who work in the customer service world must possess excellent communication skills, and most importantly, they can win the heart of the client. These professionals of course have passed the various screening process and drafted a powerful resume. If you want to expand your career in this sector, you can begin by writing a professional resume. To help you get a better idea, the customer service resume templates are available for download.

Sample of Customer Service Resume Template

Fernando Jose

Personal Info

Phone: (876)786-567-098

Email: fernando.jose@gmail.com


Passionate and dedicated customer service professional with 5+ years of experience in answering inquiries and guiding customers in the telecommunication industry. Eiger to join ABC Company to maintain the customer’s loyalty and satisfaction level by keeping close with them. Maintained retention rate above 40% which is above the average and received 98% positive feedbacks from customers.

Work Experiences

Customer Service Representative

ABC Telecommunication

January 2017 – February 2021

  • Answered various queries related to products, services, programs, and various issues. Increased the customer NPS scores by 15%.
  • Maintained the database related to various customer queries.
  • Created monthly reports about customer satisfaction.


  • Helped to resolve customer’s complaints related to product and service by analyzing the case and reports and then advising solutions.
  • Maintained the customer retention rate above 40% which is above the company average.

Customer Service Representative

Helena Fashion

December 2015-December 2016

  • Answered various queries from the customers related to product descriptions, shipment, and complaints.
  • Maintained customer’s database related to the queries and complaints
  • Prepared monthly reports
  • Helped the customers place an order and gave them education


2011-2014 B.A

Peninsula Community College, Louisiana, MA

  • Major in communication and public speaking
  • Participated in fundraiser program for the Kids’ Education 2014

GPA: 3.8

Related Coursework: Public Speaking, Marketing Psychology, Introduction to Psychology

Relevant Skills

  • Troubleshooting
  • Problem-solving
  • Computer
  • Analytical
  • Communication
  • Team-work
  • Time management


  • Best Employee in ABC Telecommunication, 2019
  • Best Graduate, 2014


  • English
  • Mandarin
  • Spanish
  • Japanese

What To Write In My Customer Service Representative Resume?

Various templates help you decide what to write on the resume. However, there are some points you must remember when writing this document, such as:

  • Make your goal clear why you want to work in this company
  • Always use the right keywords. You can check them on the job listing.
  • Always write using the bullet points
  • Always include the measurable metrics
  • Avoid flowery words and be honest

How To Write A Resume Objective Properly?

To secure a position, a resume summary/resume objective plays an important role. This is like the summary of your profile that tells about your intention and your qualifications. Then how long is a resume summary/objective? You don’t have to write a super long resume objective. Just 3-4 sentences are enough to summarize the whole profile. It depends on you on how you think which one is worth writing in this section.

How To Describe The Experience On A Customer Service Resume?

Explaining an experience is not only about telling where you worked, and your job description, but also telling your achievements during your service. It doesn’t have to be a big award. If you don’t have it, mention your greatest achievements in doing the project.

Kinds Of Customer Service Resume Templates

There are countless templates you can find outside there. On the following list, we only collect the best templates so you don’t have to search which one suits best for you.

Entry Level Customer Service Resume Template

If you are a fresh graduate and looking for a new position in the customer service industry, you can download this template. It is a blank template that comes with a little guidance to help you write a good resume.

Retail Customer Service Resume Sample

There are many types of customer services that are available in different industries. If your passion is in the retail industry, then this template suits you. It is a simple template with complete detail. You will love how simple to edit this document.

Sales Customer Service Resume Sample

If you like doing the selling or everything related to sales, but you also have a strong passion for customer service, the sales customer service can be a great position for you. This template is designed specifically for everyone who wants to apply for this position. It helps you create a resume quickly.

Free Download Customer service Representative Resume Template

There are so many good templates out there to download, but you must buy to get all the features. Luckily, now you can download it for free and still can enjoy the premium design and features. This template is completed with the example, making it easier for the candidate to write a resume from the scratch.

Sample CV for Customer Service Position

If you are looking for a professional CV for a customer service position, here you go! This is made by professionals and comes with a real example. Now you can learn and edit the template at the same time. It saves so much of your time than creating it from the start.

Call Center Customer Service Resume Template

Another great template to download is this one. This is a very simple template design that you can reuse over and over again. Don’t worry about the format. This template has a formal standard so you don’t have to worry about its formality.

Simple Cashier Customer Service Resume Template

There are so many simple templates, but it is rare to find one with a good layout and format. This template is one of the best and you need to try this one. The sections and arrangements of the layout are outstanding.

Customer Service Resume Template Free

Another free template that you need to check out is this one. It is a great template with an excellent format and layout. The format is in chronological and it comes with some important sections such as resume objective, personal info, education, experience, and other details.



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