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Underestimating the power of a resume is the worst mistake. Resumes are the crucial part of the hiring process which is the first information that an employer will look for before meeting a candidate. On this page, we have countless plumber resume and tips that you can use. This is a good start to expand your career which the strategy is how to get the first attention and looking impressive in front of the hiring manager. Check our plumber resume sample below.

Plumber Resume Sample

Keith Martin

Personal Info:

Phone: (787)545-656-433



Professional plumber with 5+ years of experience. Skilled in copper, repair, PVC, PEX, and installation. Ins search of a new position in Dehli’s Group. At Kalinga Group, finished work 18% more efficiently than the average standard with a 97% customer satisfaction rating as well as 12% fewer errors.

Work Experience


Kalinga Group

May 2017- April 2021

  • Worked in a busy plumbing business with 20-30 clients’ work to finish per week.
  • Installed plumbing system excellently with an effective budget.
  • Maintaining customer satisfaction by 97% and work faster than average company by 18%.
  • Worked on call 365 days for 3 years.


Lexicon Group

April 2015-February 2017

  • Answered 40+ customers’ request per week
  • Maintained selling rate by 20% which was higher than average.


2012-2014 Blue Ivy Tech College of Lexington

GPA: 3.5

License: Journeyman License 334567, New York Divison of Plumbing

Relevant Coursework: PEX, Installation, Repair, Design Graphic, Understanding Architecture

Key Skills

  • Physical fitness
  • Strong work ethic
  • Installation
  • PEX
  • Sewage lines
  • Leadership


  • English
  • Mandarin
  • Spanish
  • French

What Are You To Know Before Writing A Plumber Resume?

Because you are competing with other candidates, it is important to know some strategies before writing the resume. Most candidates will show their abilities, especially the hard skills as this job is about creativity and skill in the field. However, these skills won’t matter if you just write them in a standard format.

The best resume for a plumber is showing your knowledge and your sharpest skills in this field. Besides, don’t forget about the soft skills. You need to highlight the personality qualities that match the company’s requirements. Typically, working as a plumber requires you to do the task in the team. The next is to tailor your experience of working in this field with a professional writing tone.

What Are To Avoid In Writing A Plumbing Resume?

Remember that the hiring manager has to read so many documents which leads them to just skim the documents. This will narrow your chance to get attention. Therefore, make sure you apply some strategies, such as:

  • Avoiding writing long paragraphs, for example, the resume objectives. You only need around 3 sentences to summarize your whole profile. Make sure to include the most important parts that make your resume looks outstanding.
  • Avoid vague descriptions. You have to avoid vague sentences such as “able to do plumbing jobs” which is not specific. Try to focus only on your strongest strength maybe installation, design, etc.
  • Writing down your irrelevant experience. If you are applying as a plumber, then you write your experience as a truck driver, this will narrow your chance.
  • Avoid technical errors for example grammar, misspelling, and flowery languages.

What To Write On A Resume?

There are some points that you must include in your resume, for example:

  • Your info
  • Resume summary
  • Related experiences
  • Education and certifications
  • Your key skills
  • Awards or achivements
  • Language mastery
  • References

Kinds Of Plumber Resume

There are several types of resumes that you can use separately or pick one that has versatile features. Here are some of the best plumber resumes to try:

Plumber Contractor Resume Format

This is a standard resume format that has separate sections, making your resume more effective. It will be easier for the employer to spot your talents. Besides, you can save your time as you already know what to write on the template.

Commercial Plumber Resume Template

Another alternative to try is this template. This is designed specifically for a commercial plumber with simple and complete details. Even though this template is very simple, this document looks very professional.

Master Plumber Resume Template

For experienced plumbers, writing a standard resume is not enough. You have to prove that you are an eligible candidate which can be done by writing a good resume. This template is one of the best ones to try.

Basic Resume for Plumber

Many templates come with various layouts and designs. However, still, the best one is the classic format. It is a good template that can help you write a professional resume quickly. The template is designed very simple and classy at the same time.

Plumber Resume Sample Doc

Are you looking for a resume sample that is also editable? Then you will need this template to help you create a good resume. It is a reusable sample that you can edit through MS. Word or Google Doc. It is very easy and versatile at the same time.

Apprentice Plumber Resume Sample

Another example that you probably need is this one. It is a resume sample created by a professional for you who want to apply as a plumber. The best thing about this template is its editable feature which is great.

Construction Plumber Resume Example

This is a template that also comes with the example. If you are new to the formal job application, this can be the best guide for you. Just edit the template and you are good to go.

Maintenance Plumber Resume

The maintenance plumber resume template is designed for plumbers who want to expand their careers in a company. This template comes with a professional plumber resume sample that you can edit. Of course, you have to make your version yet it is still OK to use this format. So, don’t hesitate to use this.


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