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Personal Trainer Resume

Today, people are more aware of being healthy. This is why more people prefer hiring a personal trainer to guide them on making fitness programs and diet. The job is quite high in demand which the customers vary from regular clients, until celebrities. If you think you are eligible to apply for this position, a personal trainer resume template is necessary.

The Example Of Personal Trainer Resume

Hamish Daud

Personal Info:

Phone: (898)987-098-776

Email: hamish.daud@gmail.com


Enthusiastic personal trainer with  2 years of experience in helping liens in reaching their fitness goals. Received 15 letters of thanks. Beat sales goals by 10% and received 96% positive feedback from clients at Mega Gym.


Certified Personal Trainer

2018-2020 , Mega Gym, New Orleans, LA

  • Personal trainer and acted as the sales associate Performed individual fitness assessments to know what the client’s needs as well as meeting their goals through programs.
  • Creating fitness and diet program to help clients reach their goals.
  • Listening to clients to know about their needs and obstacles during the programs.

Freelance Personal Trainer

  • Helped clients creating exercise and diet plans to reduce the body fats and gain muscle mass.
  • Created daily exercise schedules to help them gain more energy and confidence.
  • Guiding clients during exercise


Santo Paulina University, Chicago

Bachelor of Exercise Science 2016-2020

Arizona Personal Training Course Work, 2017-2019

GPA: 3.6 Relevant Coursework: Personal Training, Personal Management, Emotional Management, Public Speaking, Yoga, Aerobics, Physiology, Nutrition

Key Skills

  • Creativity
  • Leadership
  • Interpersonal
  • Fitness Assessment
  • Physiology
  • Safety
  • Nutrition
  • Yoga
  • Aerobics
  • Race walking


  • Reduced client’s weight by 30 kg in six months
  • Best graduate, 2020

What Are Skills To Put On A Personal Trainer Resume?

The most important to put on the resume is hard skills and soft skills. Since the personal trainer requires a lot of knowledge, you have to make sure that your skills match the requirements. Typically, the skills to put on the resume include:

  • Hard Skills – Exercise physiology, fitness assessments, AED/CPR certification, creating exercise programs, spin classes, aerobics training, weight training, and Yoga.
  • Soft Skills – Interpersonal, creativity, leadership, and management skills.

How To Write A Fitness Trainer Resume?

Even though generally the resume has a similar structure, remember that there is some difference that you should emphasize to make you look outstanding. Since this job often focuses on technical application, you need to emphasize your expertise such as circuit training, positioning, posture, and injury prevention. Furthermore, you are also suggested to make a portfolio about the fitness program for individuals based on the fitness level, weight, gender, and height.

What Are The Traits of Bad Personal Trainers?

If most of you have been familiarized with the good personal trainer, now you have to understand the bad ones. A bad personal trainer typically:

  • Don’t make any assessment before creating a fitness or diet program
  • Cant demonstrate the successes
  • Don’t have multiple certifications
  • Aren’t healthy

Kinds Of Personal Trainer Resume Template

Individual Fitness Personal Trainer

If you are a person who is comfortable working as an individual personal trainer, you can use this template. This is an excellent template that also offers an example. If you are confused about how to make a professional resume this is the best way to go.

Entry Level Personal Trainer Resume

For you who are new to this business, this template offers a perfect example. This template is great with a professional example that you can edit as you like.

Assistant Personal Trainer Resume Template

For you who are seeking new experience as a fitness trainer, applying as the assistant of a fitness trainer will give you an excellent memory. You can learn many things from business, clerical tasks, and even marketing techniques just from being the assistant. You will have no regrets if you use this template.

Personal Trainer Resume Experience

For an experienced personal trainer, we know that you want to make sure that the hiring manager will notice you. This is why it is important to write a good resume. This template is designed specifically for an experienced candidate who wants to expand their careers in this field.

Weight Loss Personal Trainer Resume

A personal trainer resume is very specific even though generally it brings similar details. This template is a good example that you can download for free. Besides, you can edit this template using various applications on your laptop.

Fitness Trainer Resume PDF

Some of you might prefer using PDF format with the example because it is easier for you to make it is a guidance. Don’t worry because we provide you a good personal trainer resume PDF version for helping you write a great resume.

Personal Trainer Resume No Experience

If you want to gain more experience, you should focus on your best qualities since you are still lacking knowledge and experience. You can apply as an assistant or if you are already sure of your capabilities, you can apply as a personal trainer. However, of course, the main gate is this resume. Make sure you use this template to make an outstanding impression.

Personal Trainer Resume Example

Do you need more examples to convince you of writing a good resume? This is another professional example that is written by our team. It is suitable if you want to apply as a freelance personal trainer or work in a big Gym. This template is the best one for anyone who wants to develop their career in this field.

Fitness Trainer Resume Sample PDF

More samples? Here you go! This is a sample that comes in PDF format. If you are looking for a new example with the current format, this one is the best. If you are looking for a template that helps you learn while editing it, you can search for another editable template available on this page. Don’t worry. Most of them are versatile. You can reuse it for another purpose too.


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