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Coach Resume Template

Coaches are the most essential resources in a sports organization. They are not only teaching the players but also boost their mental to win the competition or accept the loss in a sportive manner. If you are a person who has a strong ambition to win and embraces the fatal loss as a good way to learn, applying for this position must be a good choice for you. On this page, we provide you the coach resume template as well as some tips on how to develop your resume professionally.

Sample Of Coach Resume Template

Erika Dayana

Personal Info

Phone: (786)676-543-241

Email: erika.dayana@gmail.com


Effective elementary badminton coach with 7 years experience, strong communication skills, and goal-oriented. In search of a new position to raise standings by 30%. Succeeded raising the winning percentage by 25% through the drill, listening, practice, and one-to-one practice plans. Successfully increased the individual goal rates by 85% for athletics purposes.

Work Experience

Badminton Coach

Palm Club of Caterina Elementary School, New York, NY

January 2014-December 2020

  • Raised the winning percentage by using various methods and plans such as drilling, one-to-one practice, zone plays, and other strategies.
  • Took the team to national championships 3 times.
  • Actively listening to the players and assistants to know the obstacles they face on the playground and their personal goals. Because of this, players successfully reached their personal goals by 80%.
  • Cooperated directly with teachers, parents, and players to set a reasonable target without neglecting the school compulsories.
  • Organized 20 games and 15 home games.

Assistant of Badminton Coach

Louisiana State University

January 2010-December 2012

  • Guarded players during practice and competition
  • Mentored 3 junior new players and help them understand the basic strategies in playing badminton
  • Recorded players’ development from practice until competition.


2006-2009 Lousiana State University

Physical Education Major

GPA: 3.6

Relevant Coursework: Meditation, Management, Coaching Strategy and Kids Psychology

Membership: Lousiana Badminton Club

Key Skills

  • Zone defense
  • Offense
  • Knowledge of badminton
  • Safety
  • CPR
  • Giving feedback
  • Badminton technical skills
  • Management
  • Friendly
  • Teaching
  • Problem-solving


  • Favorite Badminton Coach in National Badminton Competition, 2020
  • Favorite Male Badminton Player, 2009


  • English
  • Spanish
  • Japanese
  • Mandarin

What To Write In The Coaching Resume?

Writing a resume for a coach is similar to others. You just need to fill out the standard format on a resume template. If you want to make it from the scratch, you can follow the structure below:

What Are Skills To Include In The Coaching Resume?

As a coach, you have specific skills to show such as communication, leadership, organizational, time management, problem-solving, analytical, and collaboration skills.

Kinds Of Coaching Resume Templates

There are countless coaching resume templates and samples you can see. However, it is not easy to find a good resume template. Due to this reason, we provide you good templates and samples so you don’t have to spend a lot of time searching for them.

Simple College Badminton Coach Resume

Nothing can beat this simple resume template design. With its excellent structure, this simple design looks so luxurious without making your document look messy. This is a good start to try if you want to write a resume as a badminton coach.

Simple Basketball Coach Resume

For basketball coaches, you probably will love this template. It is an excellent choice that helps you maximize your potential and show the skills in front of the hiring manager.

Assistant Baseball Coach

If you are new to the coaching industry, you probably want to start as an assistant. Especially if your passion is in baseball. Applying as an assistant can help you leverage your career and skills. You can learn from the senior.

Basketball Coach Resume Template

Basketball is the most popular sport and it is no wonder if the competition is very high. Therefore, don’t let the other win this position because you don’t write the resume seriously. Use this template to help you tailor your profile.

Soccer Coach Resume Sample

If you can offer an impressive strategy to win a soccer match, why don’t write a resume and prove your skill there? This is an impressive resume template that has a very simple design with excellent section arrangements. This makes the resume look chronologically well-structured without trying.

Football Coach Resume Sample

You can learn to make a football resume by just reading this sample. It is an editable sample that you can reuse for job application purposes. Even, this template is quite versatile that you can apply for a job in a different field.

Baseball Coach Resume Sample

For everyone who has a strong interest in baseball, probably being a coach can give them a sense of satisfaction. You can prove your strategies by becoming a coach and help the students win the trophy.

Cricket Coach Resume

Just like another sport, cricket also requires a good coach to take the team to win the competition. This is a template that can be used to write an excellent resume. This template helps you professionally show your potential.

Boxing Coach Resume Template

Another template to try is this boxing coach resume template. This template gives you a good example as well as letting you edit it directly and turn it into your version. You can use various software such as MS. Word or Google Docs. It is very easy!


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