Sales Representative Job Description and Its FAQ

For every business, the sales representative is an important position to be known. Yes, the sales representative will present and sell kinds of products or services to the customers, organizations, businesses, and others. They will contact the potential buyers; answer questions, and discussing the price. Knowing the sales representative job description is important to know it more.

Sales Representative Job Description Template

A template of the sales representative job description will be useful to deliver complete information about this position, especially in the recruitment process. The sales representative has some responsibilities, such as greeting leads and meeting the goals of sales.

On another hand, a sales representative also has jobs to present and demonstrate the products. They also should do some negotiation with potential clients when it is needed to maximize the selling levels.

To be a good sales representative, you need to have a deep understanding of the process of sales and being dynamic in every process inside the transaction. A sales representative also needs to have a strong international process. Experiences in sales roles will be the plus value here.

Sales Representative Responsibilities

As we have said before, a sales representative has some responsibilities that will influence the running of the business. To make a clear explanation, some responsibilities of the sales representative to be known are:

  • Generating the details of leads
  • Meeting or exceeding the goals of the sales
  • Negotiating al contracts with potential clients
  • Helping to determine the price schedule for quotes, promotions, and negotiations
  • Preparing the weekly and monthly reports
  • Giving the sales presentation
  • Coordinating the working of sales with the marketing programs
  • Understanding and promoting the programs of the company
  • Balancing the payment from the clients for any transaction
  • Preparing and submitting the contracts of sales for an order
  • Visiting clients and potential clients to evaluate their needs or to promote the services and products
  • Maintaining the records of the clients
  • Answering the questions from the clients about the detailed terms of credit, products, prices, and availabilities

Sales Representative Requirements

To be a good sales representative, these are some requirements that are included in the recruiting process. The requirements to be a good sales representative are:

  • Must be a bachelor’s degree in business, economics, marketing or related field for last education
  • Experiences in sales and promotions
  • Understanding of the sales process and being dynamic with it
  • High commitment and excellent customer services
  • Strong interpersonal skills, including the ability to build rapport for the customers and suppliers
  • Good computer skills
  • High competency in Microsoft application, especially Word, Excel, and Outlook
  • Able to work under pressure

Sales Representative FAQ

What does a sales representative do?

The main task of a sales representative is to become the promoter for the company. They need to share the program of the company and get the new clients to maximize the profit.

Can I edit the posted sales representative job description on this page?

Of course, the posted job description of a sales representative is editable. The document could be downloaded and you can use the word application to edit it.

Do you have interview questions for a sales representative?

On another side of this page, you could find the samples of interview questions about sales representatives. It could complete the sales representative job description in the recruitment process.



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