Lifeguard Job Description – What Requirements To Underline To Be A Successful Lifeguard


The lifeguard job description is responsible for the safety of aquatic facilities such as rivers, beaches, water parks, and swimming pools. The lifeguard will make sure everyone who is visiting this place understands and follow the safety standard. Even, he will rescue people when they are in danger. For further details, you can read the lifeguard job description bellow.

The Responsibilities In The Lifeguard Job Description

To be a lifeguard job description, there are some responsibilities to be underlined, such as:

Overseeing the Aquatic Facility

As a rescuer and someone who is responsible for everything happening in the aquatic area, the lifeguard needs to pay attention and overseeing the facilities and activities. They are obligated to conduct swimming lessons. Besides, they are obligated to enforce the rules and make sure everyone is following the policies.

The purpose of overseeing the area is to monitor the danger and give warning to everyone who cleaves to a dangerous situation.

Performing Aid Procedures

The lifeguard should act and respond quickly when there is an emergency. They should rescue the visitor when they are about to drown.

Maintaining The Place

The maintaining aspect here is to make sure that the area is clean and safe for people. They also have to keep records and reports too.

What Are The Requirements In The Lifeguard Job Description?

Education and Age

The person should be at least 16 years old and have completed the lifeguard training. Besides, he should have CPR and First Aid certification along with at least one month’s experience. If the candidate has the AED certification, then it is preferred.


The candidates should have communication skills that require them to be able to communicate with everyone including kids and the elderly. The person should be able to work in shift and also should be physically strong, fit, dexterous and agile.


What’s A Lifeguard’s Job?

A lifeguard works to monitor the safety of the aquatic facility. They will perform the various tasks to keep the visitors follow the policies for the sake of their safety. In short, they will give guidance and provide support for the visitor and also the aquatic area.

What To Consider Before Posting A Lifeguard Job Description?

There are so many things to be considered before you post a lifeguard job description. Basically this should be based on the company’s needs. However, there are several aspects such as basic skills and knowledge that you can use as a reference.

What Are The Duties Of A Lifeguard?

The main duties of a lifeguard ae including maintaining the pool equipment, record pool temperatures, inspecting the pool areas, restrooms and locker rooms.

Being a lifeguard requires a fit body and the candidate needs to have experience in a related field. A good body posture is needed as the customers very physically. With the general information about the lifeguard job description, we expect you to get a better idea and we hope this could help you adjusting the job description with the company condition.

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