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A historian is someone who is responsible for studying past events by studying the data in a scientific manner. They are not only learning the artifacts, archives, and also libraries, but also another aspect from cultures, society, and many more which later will be compared with the current situation. In this case, the historian will draw a conclusion from the finding with a  hope people can use the information for some benefits. If you are hiring someone to fill this position, you can learn our short summary about the historian job description bellow.

The Main Responsibilities In The Historian Job Description

Gathering the data

The main work of a historian is to gather the data from various possible sources from the archives, libraries, and artifacts. They have to be able to determine its authenticity and its significance.

Teaching the students

Besides doing research, the historian must share their finding and knowledge in the universities. They are responsible to share their finding and discuss it with the students.


Because the historical data mostly use different language, the researcher is obligated to translate it into an understandable language.


After drawing the conclusion, the researcher is obligated to contribute to the journal and then present it at the conference. They also must assist the people in the public exhibits.

The Requirements To Be A Historian

In the historian job description, the candidates are required to have the following things:

  • Educational background – The candidates must have a master’s degree in history. It is preferable to have a Ph.D. certificate for researching position. Besides, experiences are also the best points.
  • Skills – The main skills required are thinking ability, analytical mindset, problem-solving skills, writing and communication skill, interpersonal and organizational skills.


What’s a Historian’s Job?

A historian is responsible for digging historical data including artifacts, libraries, and archives to find the authenticity of the historical data. The historian also learns about history from its culture, society, and economics.

What Are The Factors To Consider Before Posting A Historian Job Description?

There are some factors to consider before posting a historian’s job description. As an employer, you are required to know the duties, education requirements and skills for a historian. This is important if you want your employee to meet your target with professional capability. The job description is not only studying the past data but also making public exhibits which require certain skill too.

What Are The Prominent Tasks Of A Historian?

The main tasks to do as a historian is to determine the authenticity of the data. This includes studying various historical data from the artifacts, studying society, and many more. Later it is expected the data can be used by the public as a source of learning and others.

By knowing the main task and requirements, it must be easier for you to select the best candidate. A historian is someone who is responsible for the validity of the data as this will affect the whole perception of people toward history. This is why writing the historian’s job description properly is a must.

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