Marine Mechanic Job Description and its FAQ


The marine mechanic has an important role in the company. They will repair the boat engines. Besides, a marine mechanic also will have main duties like replacing the propeller, fixing the transmission, and also assembling the steering device. Therefore, the marine mechanic job description is useful because it will help you to choose the proper candidate to work in your company.

The marine mechanic job description template 

Since a marine mechanic has a big role, you need to be careful to select the candidate for this job position. You need the skilled marine mechanic to inspect, service, and also repair the marine engines for the clients. Besides, the marine mechanic also will be responsible to travel and also seaport where the vessel is located.

On another hand, the marine mechanic also will inspect and service the engine equipment. Addressing the problems with boat steering and hydraulic system are also other duties for a marine mechanic system.

To succeed as a marine mechanic, you need to have extensive knowledge of motorboat engines and also able to work on land and at the sea. The top candidate for this job position is expertly to diagnose and fix the problems with a marine electrical and mechanical system of any size.

The marine mechanic responsibilities 

The marine mechanic has some responsibilities that should be known well. Some marine mechanic responsibilities descriptions are:

  • Going to marina or dock where the vessel is placed
  • Check the performance of the marine engine and also its electrical system
  • Bring the service out and minor repairs on outboard, inboard and also ship engines
  • Obey the plumbing and intake repairs
  • Remove the broken or worn out engine parts
  • Repair the faulty hydraulic and steering systems
  • Obey the electrical AC system maintenance
  • Finished the service records and also repair the documents
  • Purchasing necessary supplies, tools, and also equipment parts
  • Replace the engine part like bolts or valves using metalworking equipment

The marine mechanic requirements 

Besides, a marine mechanic also has some requirements that should be fulfilled. Some marine mechanic requirement descriptions are:

  • High school diploma or degree in mechanical engineering
  • Show the work experience as a marine mechanic
  • Understanding of marine engine and electrical auxiliary systems
  • High-level welding skills
  • Understanding the marine hydraulic system and related parts
  • Capable to lift heavy equipment and work in confined spaces
  • Capable to work at sea
  • Understanding of boat steering system
  • Ability to stand for a long period
  • Solid attention to detail and analytical to solve the problem

The marine mechanic FAQ

How is a marine mechanic’s job environment?

As you see in the sample marine mechanic job description above, the marine mechanic environment is not easy. You need to stand for a long period and also able to handle a high noise level. Moreover, they can work for recreation industries or boat building companies.

How much is the marine mechanic’s salary?

Although it is not written clearly in the marine mechanic job description template, a marine mechanic salary is median hourly wages. It means that the salary will depend on their position in the boat suitable with the marine mechanic job description.


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