Sanitation Worker Job Description: Knowing The Details Of Its Requirements And Responsibilities 



Have you noticed the ones who were managing your garbage in front of your house? They are sanitation workers. These people are doing a valuable and essential service to society by collecting their garbage and transporting the trash to waste disposal areas correctly and adequately. Please check the requirements and responsibilities of the sanitation worker job description down below for further information!

The Responsibilities Of Sanitation Worker Job Description

1. Visiting And Transporting The Garbage 

The primary responsibility of being a sanitation worker is visiting a lot of residential and institutions location every day. They have to manually collect a lot of type of garbage or automatically using the garbage-disposal truck. After receiving the trash, they have transport and the garbage in effective and safe at the dumpsite. They also need to schedule garbage pick-ups weekly for residential and institutions locations.

2. Ensuring The Recyclables 

The sanitation workers have to make sure the recyclables, including paper, glass, and plastic, are adequately separated from another garbage for having effective recycling process. Another responsibility of this job is burning or crushing the waste properly in the controlled environment.

3. Collecting The Furniture 

The sanitation workers have to collect all the furniture or pieces of electronic devices. They have to make an appointment with the owner from the roadside. They also need to clear the debris from the street to make sure the environment is clean and safe.

4. Maintaining The Truck 

The sanitation worker also has to maintain the truck for garbage-disposal by doing routine maintenance. They usually check the tire pressure, inspect the mechanical parts, and top off the fluids.

The Requirements Of Sanitation Worker Job Description

1. Have A Lot Of Experience In This Field 

The sanitation workers need to be at least a high school diploma to doing this job. They need to get the driver’s license to drive the truck for garbage-disposal. It would be better you had experience and knowledge about hazardous material, handling heavy objects, and waste disposal techniques correctly.

2. Have Good Physical Fitness And Be Punctual 

Sanitation workers have to be punctual in taking the garbage from residential or institutions locations. They have to get familiar with GPS or maps and have a sense of direction. Most importantly, they need to have high physical strength and fitness because they need to endure harsh and hard working conditions.


1. What is a sanitation worker? 

A sanitation worker is an essential job that needs people who are punctual and responsible for managing the garbage and recyclable system of organization, communities, and businesses. In other words, the sanitation workers collect all the trash from society daily and recycle them.

2. What should we do before posting the sanitation worker job description?

As a company recruiter, you also need to know the duties of the sanitation worker, for example, managing the garbage and also dispose of the waste. A professional sanitation worker is the ones that have the functional physical fitness to do their job effectively. In other words, you must understand all the aspects, including their responsibilities and requirements before posting the laboratory technician job description.

3. What is the sanitation worker usually do in their works? 

The sanitation worker has to manage the garbage and waste from houses, organizations, and institutions. They have to follow the waste protocols for dumping it properly. Another sanitation worker job description is professionally ensuring that no garbage left at the end of the day on the natural areas or streets. The general responsibility of the sanitation worker also includes disposing of waste adequately.


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