Front Desk Clerk Job Description and Its FAQ

For a store in related business, the front desk clerk is an important position to make sure that the business will be running well. Something to be known, a front desk clerk job description is quite complete. They make contact with the clients of the business, perform an essential administrative, answer the call from the phone, greet the clients, and others in the reasons of business.

Front Desk Clerk Job Description Template

For recruitment, a template is very essential. It will ease you to make the document or paper for recruitment. By using a template, you could make a good paper for new recruitment without starting from a blank document. You just need to edit the default information from the template.

A candidate of a front desk clerk itself has some specific tasks to be done, such as overseeing all receptionist and secretarial duties. Then, answering the phone call, managing the switchboard, and maintain the budget of the office also become the tasks to be handled.

To be a successful front desk clerk, a candidate should have good communication skills, organizational skills, and others. Commonly, a front desk clerk should be fulfilled by a multi-talent individual with some best skills.

Front Desk Clerk Responsibilities

Managing the needs of a store is the main responsibility of a front desk clerk. However, a front desk clerk still has many other responsibilities to be known. To make a clear explanation, these are some other responsibilities to be known by a candidate as a front desk clerk.

Some responsibilities of the front desk clerk are:

  • Overseeing the budget of the office
  • Maintaining records and files
  • Tracking and ordering the equipment and supplies for the office
  • Monitoring, organizing, and forwarding the emails
  • Accepting all letters and packages
  • Distributing letters and packages to the appropriate departments
  • Redirecting the phone calls to the appropriate department
  • Taking down some messages
  • Ensuring the front desk is presentable, neat, and equipped
  • Greeting guests and providing them with superb customer service

Front Desk Clerk Requirements

To handle all requirements, a front desk clerk should fulfill some requirements as the standard. Some requirements to be fulfilled to fit the front desk clerk position are:

  • High school diploma in the last education or the relevant qualification
  • 2 years minimal proven experiences in a similar role
  • Good understanding of the office administration
  • Basic bookkeeping practices
  • Strong communication skills both written and verbal
  • Excellent organizational and abilities of multi-tasking
  • Strong knowledge of the MS Office programs

Front Desk Clerk FAQ

What tasks does the front desk clerk do?

Organizing the needs of a store is the main task of the front desk clerk. With the well-organizing skill, the front desk clerk, the profit of the store could be maximized.

Can I customize the uploaded sample of the front desk clerk job description?

Yes, you can. Substantively, you are free to make the detailed job description of the front desk clerk, as you want. All posted sample here is editable. You just need to download it and then edit the detailed document using Word application.

What should I include in making this job description?

Detailed information on the front desk clerk job description should be written on this document. Then, do not forget to write the facilities that the front desk clerk should get.

Description: A front desk clerk job description is an essential part of the recruitment process. Through this document, a candidate could learn what they need to do.


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