Cocktail Waitress Job Description for Better Recruitment

For a night club, café, or maybe a restaurant a cocktail waitress is an important position that will influence the service for the customers. As its name, the main cocktail waitress job description is to serve alcoholic beverages. However, a cocktail waitress also serves kinds of food. Then, they also should build good communication with the clients, so they could enjoy their time.

Cocktail Waitress Job Description Template

Since a cocktail waitress has an important role, finding a skilled waitress is very important for a manager. Yes, by having a skilled cocktail waitress, of course, all jobs will be handled well and the clients will get their satisfaction. That is why knowing about a template of a cocktail waitress is needed.

Through a template of a job description for the cocktail waitress, you can write about the requirements of a candidate that should fill. On another hand, a template also could be a good reference to show what a selected candidate should do after they are qualified.

To be a successful cocktail waitress, a candidate should have a friendly attitude. They also should be efficient for their works. Then, in-depth knowledge about beverages, especially about alcoholic drinks also becomes the considerations that the candidate should know.

Cocktail Waitress Responsibilities

Serving the clients with the best attitude becomes the main task of a cocktail waitress. However, substantively, these are some other responsibilities that a candidate for a cocktail waitress should know. The responsibilities are:

  • Interacting with the customers with a good attitude
  • Taking the orders of customers, making some recommendations, providing the customers with the accurate bills, and serving them some foods and drinks
  • Handling multiple tables and tasks in efficient manners
  • Cleaning and clearing tables to serve the customers
  • Assisting the other staff to open or to close the duties, such as preparing the ingredients, restocking items, and others
  • Learning about the foods and drinks to make innovations
  • Standing, walking, and carting the heavy trays of drinks and foods

Cocktail Waitress Requirements

To handle all responsibilities as mentioned before, a candidate for a cocktail waitress should fulfill some requirements. Some needed requirements to be a good cocktail waitress are:

  • High school diploma for the last education or equivalent
  • Experience may be preferred, especially the experiences in serving kinds of beverages
  • Ability to walk and to handle big trays
  • Attentive attitude
  • In-depth knowledge of cocktails and other similar drinks
  • Must be a minimum age
  • Willingness to work at peak hours, including evenings, holidays, and weekends

Cocktail Waitress FAQ

What tasks does the cocktail waitress do?

Serving clients with kinds of foods and drinks become the main task of a cocktail waitress. However, the agents also should have in-depth knowledge about a cocktail, so they could make sure that the served beverages are great in taste.

Can I customize the uploaded sample of the cocktail waitress job description?

Of course, you can. All posted document is easy to be edit. You just need to download the selected document and then edit the whole information using Microsoft Word or similar programs.

What should I include in making this job description?

Detailed information about a cocktail waitress job description should be written. Then, write about the facilities that a cocktail waitress will get.

Description: A cocktail waitress job description is an important document that you need to know. It tells about what a candidate should know in accepting this position.


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