Housekeeper Job Description for Best Recruitment

Sometimes, someone needs the hands of a housekeeper to help them in managing the needs of the home. Yes, a housekeeper will have tasks to replace the beds, clean the rooms, vacuum, sweep, mop, and others. They could be placed not only in the personal home but also in hotels, apartments, and hospitals. Well, to recruit the best housekeeper, knowing the housekeeper job description is needed.

Housekeeper Job Description Template

As we have said before, a housekeeper is an essential agent to keep the well-condition of home –in special, or hospital and apartment. The main tasks of a housekeeper are cleaning the rooms and common areas, disposing of trash, changing the beds, and other maintenance issues.

Of course, a candidate for a housekeeper should be able to do physical jobs and some heavy jobs. On another hand, they also should have a high discipline and ability to finish the job at a certain time as it is applied.

Housekeeper Responsibilities

Cleaning the home and its common area and manage the needs to maintain the parts of home become the main tasks of a housekeeper. However, to make a clear explanation, here some responsibilities of a housekeeper that should be known by a candidate.

The responsibilities of a housekeeper are:

  • Keeping facilities and common areas maintained and clean
  • Moping, sweeping, and vacuuming the floors
  • Cleaning and stocking the restrooms
  • Cleaning up spills with the appropriate equipment
  • Notifying managers of necessary repairs when it is needed
  • Disposing and collecting the trash
  • Assisting the guests when it is necessary
  • Keeping the linen room stocked
  • Properly cleaning the upholstered furniture

Housekeeper Requirements

To handle all responsibilities as it is written above, a housekeeper should have some requirements. Of course, giving a clear requirement is common in the recruitment process. The kinds of requirements to be written in making housekeeper recruitment are:

  • A candidate should a hard worker
  • Ability to maintain the professional appearance and interact positively with the guests and visitors
  • High school diploma in the last education or equivalent
  • Having good skills for basic maintaining and cleaning
  • Ability to lift at least around 25 pounds
  • Work well and clear when it is unsupervised
  • Ability to manage the working time efficiently
  • Helping the staff when it is needed

Housekeeper FAQ

What does a housekeeper do in a construction project?

A housekeeper has a responsibility to manage the clean of the room. Then, they also have the task to maintain the things inside the home, apartment, hospital and other places. In simpler, the main task of a housekeeper is as its name: keeping the house well.

Can I edit the posted housekeeper job description here?

Yes, you can. For those who want to recruit a new housekeeper, you could edit the posted job description here and renew the details based on what you want. The job description is made editable.

Do you have interview questions for a housekeeper?

Besides the housekeeper job description, you could find the interview questions on this page. The interview questions will be useful to ease you in processing the recruitment, so you could get the best housekeeper, as you want to manage the condition of the home.

Description: a housekeeper job description could help you to know what the candidate should do in their position. It will be useful when you want to make recruitment.


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