Delivery Driver Job Description and Common Requirements

A delivery driver today becomes a common job, especially since the high development of the online marketplace. As its name, a delivery driver will collect the items and then transport them to the destinations. Many items become the object of this job, such as food, furniture, and others. It could be seen that adelivery driver’s job description, substantively, is simple.

Delivery Driver Job Description Template

On this occasion, we are looking for a good and reliable delivery driver. The driver should concern with the satisfaction of the customers, timely manner and transporting items in a safe. The delivery driver will pick up and drop the items based on the assigned routes and time schedules.

You –as the candidate of a delivery driver, should be willing to be the part of the delivery team. This matter will be very helpful to make sure that all items asked by the clients and customers, could be sent and delivered safely at the correct time as it is expected.

To succeed as a good delivery driver, you as the candidate of it should be polite and have a high commitment to provide the best services to the customers. On another hand, you should be thorough in ensuring the orders, commit to working safely, and others.

Delivery Driver Responsibilities

A delivery driver has some responsibilities to be known. Some responsibilities of the delivery driver are:

  • Loading, transporting and delivering kinds of items to the client or the other destinations in a safe and timely manner
  • Reviewing the detailed order before and after delivery to make sure that the orders are complete, the destination is right, and there is no problem with the service
  • Assisting with the loading and unloading items for the vehicles when it is needed
  • Providing excellent customer services, answering the complaints and questions, and handling another condition in giving service
  • Adhering to assigned routes and following the schedule as it is made
  • Knowing well about the laws of transportation and maintaining the safe driving record
  • Preparing the detailed reports and other documents about the delivering service
  • Operating the equipment and machines

Delivery Driver Requirements

To be a good delivery driver, these are some requirements that should be known. The requirements are:

  • High school diploma for last education or equivalent
  • Attention to detail especially about the delivering task
  • Ability to walk, drive and carry heavy items
  • Strong time management and great customer service skills
  • The experience will be a plus value
  • Special license about driving may be required to drive a certain vehicle
  • Clean driving record
  • Have driving license
  • Knowledge about driving and transportation laws

Delivery Driver FAQs

What does a delivery driver do?

The most important task of the delivery driver is to deliver the items based on the destination. On another hand, the delivery driver also should be able to prepare the items to be delivered.

Can I edit the delivery driver job description here?

Yes, you can. The job description of a delivery driver here is editable. You could get it by clicking the download button and the sample is free. Edit it using the wording application.

Do you have interview questions for the delivery driver?

We have several samples of the interview questions for the delivery driver here. You could find it besides the delivery driver’s job description on this page.

Description: A delivery driver job description tells about what the driver needs to do in running this job. This matter also will be useful to help a company in making recruitment.


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