Package Handler Job Description and great resume sample with its FAQ

A package handler usually works in a Delivery Company or organization. They have main duties to help the customer preparing their packages so that they are received safely and unbroken. Besides, they also usually will load the packages onto trucks to deliver for the customers. They have an important role to deliver the packages. Here, we will talk about the package handler job description that should be known.

The responsibilities of a package handler 

There are some package handler responsibility descriptions that should be known, those are:

  • Collect, line and pad carton, create and container manually to prepare for shipment
  • Cover the containers using glue, nails and also other fasteners
  • Examine and inspect containers to ensure they are ready to be transported into the customers
  • Reading and comprehending the labels to make sure the proper processing
  • Following the safety rules at all times
  • Using the scanners to track the parcel information including the receipt or condition
  • Capable to work with hand tools and load the equipment
  • Placing the containers on paper conveyor belts and in waterfalls to go to the loading dock
  • Ensure the computer program and spreadsheet software to track the inventory
  • Cleaning the work zone at the end of a shift

The requirement of the package handler 

For a package handler, these are some requirement that is needed for the candidate. The common requirements are;

  • High school diploma
  • Having a training program from employer
  • Great in driving record
  • Desire to perform the repetitive assignment
  • Solid interpersonal skills
  • Understanding the tools and equipment needed to perform the duties
  • Capable to know and follow the tutoring
  • Able to communicate clearly and concisely
  • Having the ability to be an effective troubleshooter

Package Handler FAQ;

What is a package handler?

A package handler is an employee that works as part of a team to meet limits with the clients and company hope in mind. They also have various responsibilities to cover the packages of the customers. It can be said that a package handler is an important position in the Delivery Company or organization.

What are the duties of a package handler?

A package handler duties description has various tasks such as examining, labeling, weighing, measuring, scanning and also sorting the packages. In other words, their position will help to delivery process for customers in a timely planner without any difficulties.

What are the skills and abilities for a package handler?

There are some package handler skills descriptions that should be explained in your job description. The main skills and abilities for this job are excellent hand and eye coordination and solid active listening skills. Show the ability to monitoring gauges and machines to assess their accuracy well.

Can I edit the package handler description?

You also can customize our sample package handler job description here without any difficulties. You can add and customize the job description suitable to your company business. This document is also easily customized.

Do you have interview questions for a package handler?

Of course, we have several questions for a package handler job description. With this question, you can find the best candidate for the company without any difficulties.

Description: a package handler job description is an important idea to be prepared because it will help you in the recruitment process to get the best candidate for your company or organization.


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