Shop Assistants Job Description: Requirements And Duties To Have As A  Shop Assistant


Shop assistants are people who work in a shop that assist the customers to get what they need. The successful shop assistants are those who can perform the best service while serving the customers. Shop assistants are also usually called sales assistants or retail sales assistants. They usually work in retail industries where they are dealing with restocking. To get a better understanding of the shop assistants job description, here are what we need to know about the responsibilities and requirements of shop assistants.

Some Responsibilities In The Shop Assistant Job Description

Generally, the most important job of shop assistants is serving the customers. To get the best service to the customers, there are also other important jobs to do as professional shop assistants. The jobs are as follows:

  • Shop assistants need to assist the customers in locating the desired shop items. After welcoming the customers, shop assistants need to ask them if they are confused and do not know how to start. After getting the desired shop items, shop assistants need to say their gratitude to the customers.
  • Shop assistants need to receive, process, and organize the shipments. If there is a delivery order, they also need to be good at handling the request by the customers accordingly.
  • Shop assistants need to restock the depleted shop items and ensure that there are no expired items. Then, they need to order the shop items following the guidelines.
  • Shop assistants need to tell and encourage the customers about the new promotion. This way it can help the shop assistants to sell more items or In other words, the shop assistants need to up-sell the current promoted items.
  • Shop assistants need to address and resolve the complaints of the customers. Sometimes there are customers who want to complain to the products mostly. Therefore, shop assistants need to be ready to listen to the complaints and give solution in a good manner.
  • Shop assistants need to clean the shop every day to create a clean and healthy environment. The cleaning includes sweeping the floor, mopping the floor, cleaning the window, and arranging the shop items.
  • Shop assistants need to see the discrepancies of the shop items. By knowing other items’ prices in other shops, the shop assistants can consider the right price for their shop items.
  • Shop assistants need to process the payment of the customers. The common system for payment is using POS (Point of Sale).

Some Requirements In The Shop Assistant Job Description

After learning the responsibilities, now we should know the requirements needed to be shop assistants. The requirements are shown below:

  • High School Diploma Certification is preferred. General Educational Diploma certification can also be used for those who could not finish the study.
  • Experienced in retail sales should be proven.
  • The ability to stand for a long period is needed.
  • The ability to work in a fast-paced area is needed.
  • The ability to use pricing and labeling as well as mastering POS software is needed.
  • The skills of strong organizational, effective communication and exceptional customer service are needed.
  • A mind of detail-oriented is required.

Those are the things that we must know about the shop assistants job description. The responsibilities might not be so difficult to do as long as you know how to handle the things. The requirements are also not difficult to achieve because almost all people can be shop assistants.



What Is A Shop Assistant?

A shop assistant is a person who assists the customers to get the desired items in the shop.

Is It Difficult To Be A Shop Assistant?

It is not difficult to be a shop assistant as long as we are responsible. The requirements to be a shop assistant is not difficult since anyone can be one.

What Is The Most Difficult Job Of A Shop Assistant?

Perhaps the most difficult job is to encourage people to buy the promoted items because sometimes, the promoted items are the items which are almost hit the expiration date. In this case, the up-selling job is difficult to do.



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