Montessori Teacher Job Description: Knowing the Responsibilities and Requirements


What does a Montessori Teacher do? A Montessori Teacher works to educate 0-12 years old children. They have been trained in the Montessori method and guide children to seek for their individual needs. In this Montessori Teacher job description summary, you will know the responsibilities and requirements of a Montessori Teacher.

Some Important Responsibilities in the Montessori Teacher Job Description

There are some responsibilities that a Montessori Teacher has to do. Let’s check them one by one.


  1. Develop lesson plans

The first responsibility of a Montessori Teacher is to create lesson plans, independent learning exercises, curriculum, and methods for his Montessori children. The lesson plans have to fulfill the children’s needs. After developing lesson plans, a Montessori Teacher also should share knowledge of Montessori philosophy to his children by using the school curriculum.

  1. Observe and assess children in the classroom

Then, in this Montessori Teacher Job Description, a Montessori Teacher has to observe children in the classroom. He should guide and supervise them to reach their potential. Also, he has to assess the children about their progress while they learn in the classroom.


  1. Be an excellent example

The most important responsibility as a Montessori Teacher is being an excellent example. He has to be a model of kindness for his children in the classroom and share good values such as love, tolerance, honesty, and respect.


  1. Prepare classroom equipment

The next responsibility as a Montessori Teacher is to prepare classroom supplies and equipment for his children. He has to make sure that the equipment is in working condition, clean and safe so it can support the children’s development.


  1. Write up reports

After monitoring and assessing children’s progress, a Montessori Teacher must write up progress reports. This is essential since their parents need to see how their children develop during studying in Montessori.


Some Important Requirements in the Montessori Teacher Job Description

If you are interested in this job description, you need to know some of the important requirements below.

  1. Have an education degree

The first requirement that you have to fulfill if you want to apply as a Montessori Teacher is that you must have a Bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Teaching, Education, or a related discipline. Besides, you have to complete training at an accredited Montessori Center. It will also be more advantageous if you join additional courses or training in Education.


  1. Have an ability to teach children

Since Montessori is a school for children age 0-12, you must have the ability to teach them. You have to be able to understand their various needs and abilities. Therefore, you are expected to be patient and have excellent communication skills.


  1. Be a good role model

Sure, as a Montessori teacher you should be able to be a good model for children. You are demanded to keep calm under pressure and treat them with love and respect.



What does a Montessori Teacher work on?

A Montessori Teacher has a job to guide and assist children aged 0-12 years to determine their individual needs. He has been trained in the Montessori method and be responsible for educating them by using the Montessori curriculum.


What are the most common duties of this position?

The most common duties are developing lesson plans, guiding children in the classroom, demonstrating excellent examples, and a few essential matters.


What should you do before assigning a Montessori Teacher job description?

You have to consider the duties of a Montessori Teacher if you want to assign it. If you feel difficult to start, you can have a look at the list of requirements on the Montessori Teacher job description above.


To sum up, that is about the important information that you have to put in a Montessori Teacher job description. You can apply as a Montessori Teacher if you are interested.









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