Lot Attendant Job Description – What Should You Know Before Applying?



A Lot attendant is one of the most important positions in the vehicle business. They are responsible for the various task, from managing the vehicle appearance, maintaining, and also providing another service that is ordered by the dealer partner. In the following article, we expect you will be able to understand about the Lot attendant job description.

What Are The Responsibilities In The Lot Attendant Job Description?

There is a list of responsibilities in this job, which we have resumed as follow:


The Lot attendants have to attend various training and meeting because this relates to vehicle assemble, technology, and other important things about the vehicle business.


The Lot attendant has to make sure that the vehicles are very clean and presentable on the display. They need to make sure every vehicle is working well. This includes cleaning, littering, and feeding the vehicle from the debris and trash. The maintenance includes keys.


The Lot attendance also has to guarantee that the license of the dealership is affixed to each vehicle. Another task to include is checking the new vehicles from the addendum stickers, displaying factory as well as the selling price.


Another thing about the Lot attendant is giving information to the supervisor about certain issues.

What Are The Requirements In The Lot Attendant Job Description?

The candidate must at least fulfilling the requirements below:

  • License, education, and experience – The candidate must be at least 20 years old with a valid driver’s license. The candidate must also prove he has a clean driving record. He also has to pass the background and drug screening.
  • Skills – The candidates must be proficient in driving whether it is magic or manual vehicles. Besides, he must be able to follow basic instructions and have organizational skills. This is important because the candidate will not only deal with the vehicles but also people.


What’s A Lot Attendant’s Job?

A Lot attendant works with the vehicle dealers which they are ordered to move, receive, maintain, and arrange the appearance of the vehicles. They are obligated to assist in receiving the shipment, manage the vehicles, and making sure all the vehicle’s accessories are included.

What Do You Have To Consider Before Posting A Lot Attendant Job Description?

Before you post the job description, it is crucial for you to understand the main task of a Lot attendant. Make sure you already know what kind of requirements you have to post so you can find the best candidate that can work with your company.

What Are The Duties Of A Lot Attendant?

The main duties of A Lot attendant include ensuring all accessories of the vehicles are complete, assisting in receiving the shipments, arranging and moving the vehicles so there will be more space for the future vehicles.

After you have been familiar with the important aspects of a Lot attendant, now you can write down the Lot attendant job description properly. Visit our website for other resumes about job descriptions.

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