Longshoreman Job Description – The Main Skills Required



If you are wondering who takes care of the shipment of the cargo the longshoreman is the one who handles this. They load and unload the goods to and from the vessels. The longshoreman is also known as the docker worker. You can read our short explanation about the longshoreman job description bellow.

The Responsibility Of A Longshoreman Job Description

The longshoreman has a long list of responsibilities you must know, which includes:


The docker worker is responsible for the general shore cargo management which includes tidying, clearing, cleaning all the debris on the working area. They are not only making sure the cleanliness of the working area but also making sure that safety is perfectly guaranteed and detect any potential hazard.

Performing Certain Procedures

Besides maintaining the working area, the docker worker must also perform certain procedures based on the instruction and plans. They have to prepare various preparation for cargo lifting. Operating certain equipments such as chainsaw to unsecured the cargo. Other equipment include tractors, forklifts, and cranes.

Provide Information

The longshoreman has to inform the supervisor about the damage on the cargo and another hazard that occurs. Other things to inform are the injury, property damage and illness.

The Requirements To Be A Longshoreman

To be a longshoreman, there are certain requirements that should be met which are in the following list.

  • Background education – There is no specific education to be a longshoreman except has completed the physical examination, English proficiency certificate, and experience in the warehouse or dock industry.
  • Skills – The skill required include ability to work under pressure and supervision and understand the procedure and instruction. The candidate must be able to work in shift including the public holidays. Besides, they have to be physically fit and have a good height as it will be about the physical job.


What’s A Longshoreman’s Job?

A longshoreman is responsible to load and unload the cargo and check all the goods whether there is some damage or not. They have to perform loading and unloading the cargo with various procedures to make sure it is safe.

What Do You Need To Pay Attention Before Writing The Longshoreman Job Description?

Before you decide to write the longshoreman job description, make sure you know well the tasks, responsibilities and skills required in this position. You have to pay attention to another factors such as the attitude of the candidates whether they are safety-minded, hard-working person etc. This is important so you can find the best candidate to work in your company.

What Are The General Tasks Of A Longshoreman?

A longshoreman has some responsibilities to do including loading and unloading cargo, checking the possible damage, and perform any instruction and signals. They have to perform certain procedures in handling the cargo.

A longshoreman has a big responsibility which they have to make sure all the goods are safely received and shipped. Make sure you write the longshoreman job description in a very detailed way so the candidate can upgrade the resume and make sure they will meet the requirements.

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