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Latex Resume Template

If you are looking for a job, you must be able to write a professional resume. Your resume needs to look best compared to other resumes sent by your competitors. Thus, getting familiar with professional resumes will help you to write a good resume. You can also use a latex resume template and do some modification with it so that you will have your own professional resume.

When you are writing a resume for the first time, you can utilize a latex resume template for fresher found on this website. Use the template that fits your purposes. Once you find a suitable template, add your relevant information and your professional resume is ready to use.

Latex Resume Sample

In order to give you ideas about latex resumes, you can follow the latex resume sample below.

Tom Hackerman

Personal Info

Phone : (555)222-222-222

Email: tom.hackerman@gmail.com


A bachelor’s degree graduate from physicsal education department (3.7/4.0) who is really passionate for teaching and coaching students. I am looking for a job in which I can put my relevant skills, techniques and tactics into practices and help students to develop themselves in doing their favorite sports.


Assistant Coach

  1. Abbey Football Club


  • Recruiting students
  • Submitting students’ academic records for admission
  • Developing game strategies for students
  1. Oldcastle Football Club


  • Demonstrating game techniques
  • Recommending player position assignments


Bachelor of Physical Education, Clarence University


GPA: 3.7

Relevant Coursework: Teaching, football coaching, lesson plan

Graduation: 2021

Membership: Member of Youth Football Association

Key Skills

  • Analytical
  • Friendly
  • Communicative
  • Discipline
  • Leadership


  • Runner Up of The Broyles Award, 2020
  • Assistant Coach of the Year, 2020


  • English
  • Spain

How to Write a Latex Resume

Below are some steps you can follow to write a professional Latex Resume:

  • Write your resume in Latex
  • Set up the document
  • Start the document
  • Make a header
  • Create the body
  • Finish up

Is Latex Good to Write Resumes?

By using latex, you have more control in formatting your resume compared when you are using MS Word. Therefore, latex is also a good choice when you want to write a professional resume.

How to Install Latex?

  • Double-click on Setup.exe to start the installation process
  • Click the Install button beside MiKTeX
  • Click another Install button beside TeXstudio
  • You have installed both the editor and latex

How to Convert Word documents to Latex?

  • Select parts of document you want to convert
  • Press GrindEQ button
  • Press and hold Ctrl while launching Latex to Word
  • Or choose GrindEQ option from Windows Start menu

Kinds of Latex Resume

Some kinds of latex resumes are designed for different purposes. Choose the resume that suits your needs. Choosing the most relevant resume is important in order to pass the hiring process successfully.

Latex Resume Template

When you already have some professional working experiences, this template is a good choice for you. Show that you will be a valuable worker by highlighting your personal details, educational background and working experiences in the available spaces.

Latex Professional Resume Template

If you are a professional who has quite a handful working experiences, you can use this template to showcase your experience. The template is quite complete. It covers information on educational background, previous employment and publications.

Software Engineer Latex Resume Template

Prove that you are an experienced software engineer using this template. This template focuses on showcasing the professional working experiences. You can also explain your duties in your previous working places in detail using this template.

University Latex Resume Template

Being an experienced professional in a certain field, this template is one of your best choices. You can describe your research interest, educational background, working experiences until your projects.

Experienced Latex Resume Sample

This latex resume template is especially designed for those who already have quite a lot of working experiences. This template is quite complete because it covers many aspects such as educational background, coursework, working experiences, research and awards.

Modern Latex Resume Sample

If you do not have any working experience, this template may be your best choice. You can focus on your areas of specialization, educational background, grants, honors and awards.

Latex Curriculum Vitae Resume

When you have already some working experiences, this template is made specifically for you. This template highlights your professional working experiences.

Latex Resume Template for Students

This template is especially designed for students. Students who want to apply for internships may want to use this template. Prove that you are a valuable employee by explaining about your interests, educational backgrounds and also related previous experiences.

Job Applicant Latex Resume Template

Having no professional working experiences, this template is designed completely for you. The template provides sections for you to explain your research interest, and current and previous academic appointments and also your educational backgrounds.

Latex Resume Template for Computer Science Engineer

This modern template will help you to convince the recruiter that you are the employee suitable for the position. Using this template, you can showcase your working experiences, educational backgrounds, interests, achievements, skills until the languages you speak.

Software Engineer Latex Resume Template

As a professional in the software field, this template is the best for you. You can explain your educational backgrounds, working experiences and your achievements when you were working, your communication skills, also your software development skills in the sections provided in this template.

Straightforward Latex Curriculum Vitae Template

This template covers quite straightforward information about you. You can include various information in limited spaces. The template provides sections for educational backgrounds, research experience, publications, working experiences, campus activities, languages, skills and interests.

Latex Resume Template for Fresher

If you have limited or no working experience, this template is made for you. Other than writing about your relevant professional experiences, you can also explain about your core qualifications and accomplishments.

Entry Level Latex Resume Template

This template is intended for you who have minimum working experiences and are looking for the next opportunities. If you are lacking in the aspect of working experience, you can focus on mentioning your strengths, your language abilities, and things related to your proposed job that you can do best.

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