Janitorial Supervisor Job Description – Understanding What To Prepare Before Making Application



If you are planning to be a janitorial supervisor, make sure you have read all of the details in the janitor supervisor job description bellow. This will help you in making applications and help you analyze the skills you have to improve to beat another candidate.

The Requirements In The Janitorial Supervisor Job Description

Managing The Staff

As a supervisor, the person must assign janitorial duties to the staff. This includes making them shift schedules so they can work well and provide the bests service. Furthermore, the supervisor is responsible to inspect the work result until the punctuality in finishing the task.

Managing The Cleaning Supplies

The next duty to perform by a janitorial supervisor is to make sure the cleaning supplies are not out of stock. The supervisor is responsible for taking all the inventory and reporting to the manager when these cleaning supplies and inventories are depleted.

Hiring Project

Besides, the janitorial supervisor must assist with screening and hiring project. He/she must conduct the training session for the new staff.

Becoming Mediator

To provide the best service and make sure the work can be done smoothly, a supervisor has to make sure the team environment is healthy and conducive. This is important as the janitor staff work in a team. Furthermore, the supervisor must be able to resolve any conflict that appears between the staff.

Attending Meeting

A meeting is another compulsory to be attended. In this meeting, the supervisor will resolve any unsolved problems that make the department cannot perform crucial tasks which disturb the whole service in the business.

The Requirements In The Janitor Supervisor Job Description

  • Academic Background – To be a janitorial supervisor, the candidate must at least have GED or diploma certificate. He/she must attach an experienced proof.
  • Skills – The candidate must be able to operate Microsoft Office, lift heavy equipment, stand in a long period, manage the team, and communicate well.




What’s A Janitorial Supervisor’s Responsibility?

A janitorial supervisor has a responsibility to supervise the janitor staff and monitor their working progress. Besides, the janitorial supervisor also has the responsibility to perform various tasks such as making shift schedules, reporting the absence, monitor the attendance, and event conducting review so the staff performance can increase. Another task to do is reporting the staff to the management for conducting transfer, promotion, and dismissal.

How To Become A Professional Janitorial Supervisor?

Being a professional janitorial supervisor requires you to fulfill certain requirements. You have to be able to demonstrate various cleaning procedures and have a strong willingness to work in a team. Considering this responsibility, it is important to have good communication skills. You also must be able to perform strong leadership and management skills.

What Are The General Task To Perform By A Janitor Supervisor?

Generally, as a supervisor, a janitorial supervisor is managing the team. The task to performs include making schedule shifts, monitoring staff, conducting performance, and report the staff to the management regarding the dismissals, transfers, and also promotion.

A janitorial supervisor sounds like another managerial position but it has different task specifications. Make sure you have all the requirements so you can make better preparation for your interview section.

That’s all our short explanation about the janitorial supervisor job description. We do hope this helps you in making a job application.

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