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Today, various industries try to use animators to help them maximize their business potential, especially for marketing strategies. This is why now this is a high demand position. However, still you have to compete with other candidates to win the position. If you are an eligible candidate, never lose your chance by making small mistakes, like writing a lame animator resume. If this is your first journey, you probbaly need the following tips and resume templates.

Sample of Animator Resume

Takeshi Ueda

Personal Info

Phone: (654)987-567-098



Detail-oriented and creative animator with 8+ years esperience working in anime indstry, working with AAA titles in a deadline-driven atmosphere. Eager to support Konsa Animation Studio with exceptional animation and problem solving skills to deliver a lively animation. Animated 150+ characters and was an Annie Award 2020 nominee.


3D Animator

Kubikle, Nagoya, Japan

2015- present

  • Made high-quality characters with low turnover time
  • Collaborated with the production team and clients to understand the concepsts, storyboard, scripts, and other needs.
  • Operated softwares and others to make an excellent moving apictures.
  • Made sure the products alligned with the clients’ expectations.
  • Animated 100+ charcters using creative and artistic techniques.
  • Researched the animation industry trends.

2D Animator

Kensin Studio, San Fransisco, CA



  • Created more than 50+ anime characters
  • Researched the current animation trends
  • Operated animation softwares to make an excellent animation move.
  • Listening to feedbacks given by seniors, clients and team productions.
  • Learnt the storyboard and cooperated with the team production to understand to storyline better.


BFA, Character Animation

DongDing School of Film/Video

Completion: 2012

GPA: 3.6

Relevant Coursework: Creating Anmime, Storyboard, Scenario

Key Skills

  • 3D Math
  • Dynamic Posing
  • Unreal Engine
  • Analytic
  • Teamwork
  • Interpersonal
  • Critical Thinking


Favorite Anime Character Design In Annie Award 2020


  • English
  • Japanese
  • Mandarin
  • French

How To Write An Outstanding Animator Resume?

There is no standard rules in writing a resume. Basically it is about an effectivenes how the employers can spot your skills. This is why a resume needs to be written in a certain format. At least, your resume should contains the following elements:

  • Personal information – Including the complete name, phone number and email. You don’t have to write the complete addrees as it can lead to criminal and scam.
  • Summary – The resume summary ideally consists of 2-4 sentences that consists of your summary about experience, skill, educational background, awards, and intention why working in the targeted company.
  • Educational background – Write down your major, university, years of completion, GPA, and also certification if there is any.
  • Key Skills – Include the related skills that an animator should have. This includes the softskills and hardskills too.
  • Awards – If you have awards, don’t hesitate to write it.
  • Additional info – If you have additional info that supports your resume such as volunteer programs, language, or membership in a club, mention it!

How To Make My Animator Resume Outstanding?

Writing a standard resume in fact is not enough. You need a strategy to win the employee’s heart. First, you have to be specific with the position you are applying; 2D or 3D animator, or motion graphics. This will help you find your specialities and easier for the employer to decide your profile.

Secondly, try to demonstrate your animation skills and proficiency. You can include your portofolio with your resume if it is possible. Or put it on the site and include a link in your resume.

What Is An Interactive Resume

Rather than sending paper-based resume, you can send the interactive resume. It is an electronic resume document which also includes the interactive elements. Besides, the interactive resume is greate also to showcase your skills. If you are an animator, it is necessary to use this.

Kinds Of Animator Resume Templates

Speaking about templates, actually there is no standard. It is all about the effectiveness of your resume how the employers can spot you. This is why some templates are designed in a specific way. Here are some of the best that you can download.

Animator 2D Resume Template

If you are applying as a 2D animator, like focusing in anime, then this template is a great tool to try. Besides anime, this type of animator is oftenly used in visual media too. If you are an eligible candidate, prove it using thi stemplate.

3D Animator Resume

The 3D technology is usually sed in films. Therefore, this position has a high demand now. A well-crafted animator also needs a good resume template to help them convince the employer.

Animator Resume Template For Fresher

If you are a fresher, writing a good resume is very important. This template helps you focus on certain aspects such as training. You can use this template as a guide in writing our resume.

Professional Animator Resume Template

Animation now has become a growing career. There are many opportunities outside there if you have a strong skill. A good animator will chose a good resume to highlight their best skills in a professional manner.

Character Animator Resume

There are different kinds of position as an animator. It always depends on your specifications. If you have specialities in making character, this template can be a good choice for you. Display your worth using this template.

Flash Animator Resume Sample

If you are looking for the latest trend, you will find various industries that can be filled by animators. Hence, you need a versatile template to help you write a good template as an animator in many positions you are applying.

3D Character Animator Resume Sample

The 3D animator is in the highest demand now. Don’t let the chance slip away because of a small mistakes from your resume. Download this template and prove your skill to the employer that you are an eligible candidate.

Animator Student Resume Template

If you are still a student and seeking for a position as an internship, you probably will need this template. Internship still gives you a high competition that you have to prepare it carefully. This template is an excellent to tool in helping you writing a professional resume.


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