Welding Inspector Job Description – What Should You Prepare Before Writing Your Application?



A welding inspector is responsible to check and inspect the welding quality and ensure the function is ready and safe to use. Besides, the welding inspector also inspects the equipment used in the project and make sure the procedures are complying with the safety standard. If you want to learn further about this position, you can read the welding inspector job description in this article.

The Requirements In The Welding Inspector Job Description

Issuing tickets

The welding inspector is responsible for issuing the welding tickets to the workers. Verifying the materials

To make sure the project will run smoothly, the welding inspector must verify the material and equipment. This should be based on the drawing/WPS, test certificate, and also condition.

Overseeing and monitoring the welding project

During the process, the welding inspector must make sure the condition including the weather and other conditions that possibly affect the welding process. He must oversee the preheat which should be at minimum temperature if it is required. Furthermore, the inspector also checks the parameters that are aligned with the WPS weather it is in volts or Current. he also makes sure the welders used are the qualified ones.

Checking the result

The inspector needs to check the results too and identify whether it has already met the expected result. He must make sure its appearance is based on the plan. Furthermore, checking the dimension is also important. If it is needed, the inspector must perform or demonstrate the correct procedures to get the expected result.

The Requirements In The Welding Inspector Job Description

Academic background – The candidate must have a bachelor’s degree. He must be from a mechanical engineering or related field. He also must attach the HND, AWS, CSWIP, or NVQ certification. The candidate is also experienced in this field.

Skills – The skills required include a strong ability to read, having analytical and problem-solving skills as well as good at communication.


What’s A Welding Inspector’s Role?

A welding inspector is responsible for checking and assessing the welding work. This includes overseeing the safety and quality of the welding project. Also, the person must make sure the working project is only using the proper equipment and complying with the safety regulation.

How To Become A Successful Welding Inspector

To be a successful-professional welding inspector, you need to have strong knowledge and skill in welding. It is important to always look at details because you are required to spot the unsafe and flaws in the welding structure.

What Does A Welding Mostly Work On?

Generally, the welding inspector must inspect the wellness, safety, and strength of a welding project. He must spot the flaws so this will not cause danger in the future. You also have to make sure that the process in doing the welding is based on the safety standard including using the right equipment.

Being a welding inspector requires you to master various skills and perform a certain task. Besides, you must love details because your job is to find the unseen part which will cause damage. By reading our summary about the welding inspector job description, we hope you can prepare your interview better.


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