Service Advisor Job Description and its Responsibilities 


A service advisor is commonly found in the car dealership. They will act as the liaison between the customers and also the service technicians. As a service advisor, you also need to communicate with the customers to determine vehicular problems and also the repair timeline. Therefore, creating a service advisor job description will be complicated for this position.

The service advisor job description template 

Looking for a service advisor should be careful because it has a big role to the clients. You need to find a personable service advisor to act as a liaison between the customers and also the service technician. As a service advisor, you will have a responsibility to greet the customers and also listening to their request so that you will have good coordination to work.

Besides, a service advisor also will make sure to the customer’s service by working with them to determine the vehicle’s issues and also the problems. To make their job running well, the service advisors also will work with the technicians to convey the customer’s concern with the repair description.

If you want to be a successful service advisor, your service advisor job description template should show excellent customer service and also interpersonal. A top candidate for this job position will be a solid understanding of automotive technologies and great communication skills.

The service advisor responsibilities 

As a service advisor, you need to know some responsibilities to do. Some responsibilities that should be known are:

  • Greet the customers and provide excellent customer service from intake to release their vehicles
  • Control and diagnose the car issues suitable with the customer description and also the vehicle condition
  • Translate the customer-report problem to the actionable work orders especially for the technician to complete
  • Make sure that automotive work offers to the customers to meet the company quality standard
  • Switch and resolve the customer complaints suitable for the services
  • Consult with the mechanics about the necessary repair and possible alternative to expense work
  • Reply to the question about the service outcome
  • Call the customers to inform about the changes in services

The service advisor requirements 

To be a service advisor, you also need to know some requirements to fulfill. Some service advisor requirements descriptions are:

  • High school diploma and bachelor’s degree
  • Extensive understanding of the automotive industry and parts
  • Awesome communication and organizational skills
  • Capable to communicate equally well with the mechanics, customers and also the senior management
  • Solid communication skills and capable to translate the customer needs
  • Outstanding customer service skills suitable for the experience

The service advisor FAQ

What are the main tasks of a service advisor?

If you look at the service advisor job description idea, the main tasks of a service advisor are responsible to communicate with the customers. They will determine which repairs are necessary and also submitting the work orders to the technicians.

What is a minimum education for a service advisor?

To be a service advisor, a minimum education is high school automotive training. Moreover, if you look at the sample service advisor job description, college study is preferred for the employers. Besides, the service advisor job description also shows that you also need to have significant experience to work.


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