QA Tester Job Description and its FAQ


A QA tester has an important role in the company or organization. They have the responsibility to check the new software product including the gaming system or mobile applications. Besides, QA tester also will run some tests on software to make sure that it meets all the standards and guidelines. Therefore, you need a QA tester job description to get the best candidate to work.

The QA tester job description template idea

Since a QA tester has an important role, you have to be careful to select the candidate for this job position. Therefore, you have to select the dedicated QA tester to responsible for designing and implementing the test plans to increase the usability of the product. Besides, they also will identify the issues and run the debugging the program as needed.

On another hand, a QA tester also will work with the development team to debug, code, error, and troubleshoot any issues with the software code.

If you want to be a successful QA tester, you need to be hard-working and also have strong working experience with software code. A top candidate for this job is experienced with testing methodologies and a team player.

The QA tester responsibilities 

As a QA tester, you need to know some responsibilities to do in the job. Some QA tester responsibilities descriptions are:

  • Check new and existing features, debug code and also report errors and failure
  • Work together with the developing team to correct errors and take part in testing for the product release
  • Design test plan, scenarios, scripts and also the procedures
  • Performing the test on source code
  • Analyze the test result and report to the development team
  • Give feedback to the developers and product manager around UX based on the test outcomes
  • Create a QA reports and file bug ticket suitable with the outcome of QA test cycles
  • Execute front-end testing of website application using selenium and JMeter
  • Make a test plan, requirements, scenarios, and check data for use during the testing

The QA tester requirements 

Besides, you also need to know some requirements for a QA tester. The QA tester requirement descriptions are:

  • A bachelor’s degree in computer science
  • A good working understanding of the test management software, programming, language, and QA methodologies
  • Having more than 2 years’ experience in QA testing
  • Great team working and critical thinking skills
  • Extensive experience of a QA scripting language and coding unit
  • Strong understanding of process metrics and manual testing
  • Expert in mobile game testing and web application tests

The QA tester FAQ

What are the core skills for a QA tester job?

Suitable with the sample QA tester job description above, the QA tester has some core skills that should be known for the candidate. Some core skills for these job positions are problem-solving, attention to detail, teamwork, continuous learning, time management, and also flexibility.

How much is a QA tester salary?

Although the QA tester job description template is not talking about the salaries, the BLS state that a QA tester has a median annual salary. Of course, each member has different wages suitable with the responsibilities in the QA tester job description.


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