Pattern Maker Job Description and Its FAQ


The pattern maker is an individual with some complex and important jobs for the factory. Based on the pattern maker job description, an individual in this position will have a job to create some templates to produce some products, such as shoes, clothing, furniture, and others. Their task is to translate the design models and blueprints using the drafting software with specific techniques.

Pattern Maker Job Description Template

The factory will hire a talented and high-skilled pattern maker. Well, an individual in this position will create the factory patterns to start the production. Of course, they will learn about the blueprints and the design model. A pattern maker also needs to know about the paper templates.

For the recruiter, knowing the template of the pattern maker job description is needed. It is an interesting document to help you with the recruitment process. Through this document, you could cover all the needed information. Then, you do not need to make the document from a blank paper.

Then, for the candidate, to be a successful pattern maker, they need to have extensive experience with the fine motor skills, pattern design, a good eye for details, and others. A candidate also should be an innovative thinker with many stocks of ideas.

Pattern Maker Responsibilities

Translating the blueprints becomes the main responsibility of the pattern maker. However, an individual in this position still has some responsibilities, such as:

  • Meeting with the designers of the product to discuss the base design
  • Reading and interpreting the models of the design and the blueprints
  • Creating the templates of the rough-draft using the drafting software and the techniques of the freehand
  • Measuring, cutting, and designing kinds of patterns with the required material
  • Double-checking the dimension and the style of the pattern
  • Sending the initial pattern for the manufacture check
  • Reviewing the final product together with the designers
  • Filling and tweaking the pattern of the design
  • Reporting back to the manager of the company

Pattern Maker Requirements

To handle all the mentioned responsibilities, a candidate for the pattern maker should fulfill some requirements. The requirements become the standard for the recruiter to get a talented agent.

Some requirements to be fulfilled by a candidate in joining the recruitment process are:

  • GED or high school diploma
  • Experiences as a pattern maker
  • Ability to read and interpret blueprints
  • Ability to design with different models
  • Great ability to operate the drafting software of the computer, including CAD
  • Excellent fine motor skills
  • Experience with snipping, measuring, milling, and cutting tools
  • Detail-oriented
  • Ability to work with the deadline
  • Able to stand for long periods
  • Good communication skills
  • Good interpersonal skills

Pattern Maker FAQ

What are the main duties of the pattern maker?

Reading blueprints and making the designs become the main duties of a pattern maker. However, an individual in this position also needs to coordinate with the designer and other staff to find the best plan for the production, especially about the designs.

Can I edit the posted job description of the pattern maker?

Of course, you can. All samples of the pattern maker job description are editable. You can personalize the information inside it based on your needs.


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